Be a Better Me – Day 4 & 5 – Kindness

Well, Day Four was a challenge to show more Kindness. Yup – just be nicer to everyone.

That was yesterday.

Did anyone notice?

Was I any nicer?

Seriously, I tried really hard to be thoughtful and patient and smile at everyone.

And I started today with the same intention in mind, and I hope that I was kind to others, though I did experience a few things that were disappointing and ate into my ‘kindness quota.’ Mostly it has to do with a lack of hot water and a cold start to the day.

Today, Day Five, we are meant to create a Character Board. Like a Vision Board (for realising your dreams), or a Mood Board (for interior decorating purposes).

I had all great intentions of doing my task ASAP, but first I had no hot water, and therefore no shower, this slowed me down greatly in getting organised. Seriously, if all the lights went out, the power died, and we had to live like cavemen again, the number one thing I would miss is a long hot shower.

I did some stuff for work, did Pump class (YAY!) and then more stuff for work, and despite the fact that I was meant to do only 1 hour of work today (what a great shift, right?) I have to go back and do a few hours this afternoon. No big deal, it’s just what we have to do… but between all that and getting groceries, making lunch and having a hot shower (Heaven!), I just haven’t gotten around to it.

Teacher, can I do my homework tomorrow?

Hmm… not so much the organised, calm, diligent producer I aimed to be, eh?

(Oh, just for reference, here’s an excellent description of my Ideal Self! Thanks Cake!)


Oh, but one great thing came out of today: Rooibos Tea. AWESOME! New favourite thing – and it’s got no caffeine!

I hope you had a brighter and warmer start to the day! Truly, how has your day been? 🙂


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