I Caved

After a big workout in the morning, and a very cold evening (it was 4 degrees Celsius, and there’s no insulation or heating the building I work in) I struggled against my exercise induced hunger. I struggled against the desire for comfort food.

And I lost.

My appetite was so ferocious that I felt nearly frantic. My body was seeking a major kilojoule boost to refuel and keep warm.

I ate an apple, and I had my dinner at 3pm to try to shake that monkey off my back. No luck.

I had two Milos (a less sweet hot-chocolate-type drink) and still it kept battering me.

Until, at 6:30 I finally caved and ate inhaled a Spinach and Ricotta Roll and a Crunchie.

Satiated, I went to class, and I feel more normal today, but, man! Even knowing your triggers doesn’t mean you’ll be able to control them sometimes!

A solution for next time is to be better prepared. Knowing that I have a bigger appetite following a big workout, I should have planned to have extra good food choices on hand. Some flat bread, crackers, peanut butter, because carbs and fats are what I crave then. But I didn’t have enough food and turned to what was available.

Lesson learned!

Have you learned anything new about your triggers and eating habits lately? How do you feel when you cave? Do you just shake it off and get on with business straight away? Or do you have guilt and worry about it?


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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