Be a Better Me – Day 3 – My Best Self

Today’s assignment was to describe my best self in as much detail as possible.

I’ve done this before. I’ve imagined my best life, and can see the kind of person I want to be, with any number of possible careers in the picture.

Essentially, my best-selfs’ day would involve a quiet slow start to the morning. This morning ritual has always been important to me. A time for quiet reflection, reading, preparing breakfast, enjoying my meal. This pace is calm and this hour is mine.

Then my best self goes to work, and in my mind’s eye, I am calm and methodical, I have plans and periodisation, regardless of the work I am doing. I like the idea of moving efficiently and consistently through the day, not in fits and starts.

I like the leader that I see, I inspire others to do their best, and feel confident with both my ability to direct and their ability to follow or lead a situation when needed.

I am also active and fit, but I never see my life as too full, or extremely busy. Focused and simple, a few friends, a strong and loving partnership, and a few keen interests.

I think the word that best describes this best-self is ‘quiet.’

I’ve asked this before, but how would you describe your best self?


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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