Be a Better Me – Day 2 – Areas of Improvement

Egad! I feel like I’m falling behind already!

But here’s a stab at trying to understand the three main traits I want to improve:

1. Three key traits I want to work on, ranked in order of importance:

  • Be more productive
  • Be more decisive
  • Be more patient (calm) with others

2. Why do you think you are unproductive, indecisive, and impatient?

I am unproductive because I allow myself to get distracted by things (oh look, a fly!), I allow things that are important, but not urgent to sit and wait till they are urgent. I miss details because I am trying to do things quickly and don’t offer tasks the time they truly need to be completely properly. I fail to schedule some important task. I often do what I feel like before I do what must be done, so I am not prioritising well.

I am indecisive because I often think of too many possibilities, feel I don’t have enough information or feel I lack the authority to make the decision. I also worry that I will make the wrong decision and therefore fail to make a choice at all. This has a lot to do with my confidence levels. (Check out this post, Where Did My Try Go?)

I think I am impatient because I’m trying to be productive, but doing so at the last minute, trying to make things happen ‘now.’ I get stressed when there’s a lot on a list (big event today, don’t stand around chatting, get the work done, then chat), and I get short with people when I just want the stress to be dealt with. I also expect the best from people, I love it when people work to their capabilities and capacity. I get upset when I feel they are selling themselves short.

3. Why do you want to change these traits?

I want to manage my time better so I can get more things done (who doesn’t want to get more done?) and be better prepared for all the tasks my day gives me. I also want to feel less stressed because I’m better prepared, thus making the other points a lot less of a worry.

I want to be more decisive because I think this is a building block to reclaiming my confidence levels.

And I want to be nicer to work with, basically. I want to be calmer in a busy environment, I want to be encouraging, not pushy, and I want to help people work to the best of their abilities. I don’t want to be snappy and negative with people.

4. What is one baby step you can do today to change these traits?

  • I can work with my diary (daytimer) more effectively and prioritise my tasks.
  • Do more future planning and break a task down into managable pieces.
  • Keep staff in the loop with plans so they are aware of what’s coming up, rather than informing them at the last minute.
  • Tracking my time to see what I do and what my time wasters are is another step I already started taking and have tracked Monday and Tuesday activities. (TV and internet are both big time sucks – no surprise there, eh?)
  • Get as much information as I can about a problem, and if I need to, take some time to formulate a plan, and get council on it from people I trust. “Here’s the problem, I was thinking of doing x, what do you think? Is there anything I haven’t considered?”
  • If I feel myself getting stressed, stop what I am doing and tell staff and others how I am feeling. If I can’t avoid or ease the stress, at least they’ll know where I’m coming from.

5. Schedule these action steps in your diary/planner

Ok. Hmm… Maybe my ideas were too conceptual, and not specific enough?

6. Is there anything you learned today?

Yes, that all these problems are really linked. I can’t tell which came first, but they work together. Is it my lack of confidence that makes me feel extra stress and therefore put more pressure and expectations on others? Or is it that I have poor stress management so fall to pieces and don’t manage time well? Or is it that I waste too much time and therefore become too time compressed to effectively manage the time I have left? Or … well, you get the point! 🙂

I recognise this might seem like a personal thing to comment on, but I’d love to know your perspective of me and these traits that bother me. Know theyself, right? From another’s perspective, there might be new light. For those who work with me, what could I do to make working together more comfortable, productive and fun?


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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