Be a Better Me – Day 1 – Assess Yourself

So, here’s my first assignment in the Be a Better Me Challenge.

Assess Yourself:

1. If you were to rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 (in terms of your personality), how much would you rate yourself?

I would say 5/10.

2. Why did you give yourself the score in Q1?

Because I think I’m pretty okay, and I feel like I can see where I want to be from here. It’s just a bit of a gap with a few habits and traits that hold me back from being my best.

3. Now, write down 5-7 traits about yourself you want to work on.

I can summarise the many areas I want to work on as:

  • To soften the hard edges of my personality. For example, I am quick to anger (though quick to forgive), I can come across as quite rude and short (even though I don’t mean to), and can make negative snap judgements about people (though usually I accept everyone in the end)
  • To become strong and resilient in my weak spots. For example, I am now feeling more indecisive and fearful, and my confidence is much lower than it has been in the past.
  • To demonstrate love and kindness and patience. Which basically goes with the first point…
  • To be more productive and less wasteful. I feel I can be too distracted, my attention to detail is lacking, I can leave tasks and ideas incomplete, and waste time. I’d like to have more diligence and follow-through and improve my time management.
  • To care for myself, others, and the world around me. I’d like to be more sociable, and spend more time with people! I spend a whole lot of time alone, really, and I think it will open me up, and help me laugh more. I need to be more positive!
  • To live my dreams and goals, and stop waiting! Mat and I had a thousand plans, and although we have moved forward on some of them, mostly, we’ve just been coasting. Now I’d like to start picking at those plans and make some of the happen!

4. Is there anything you learned today?

One thing I learned is that a lot of people have similar goals, concerns, weaknesses and fears; there are nearly 1000 of them working on this challenge alone! People everywhere just want to be themselves, be good and fair and true to others, and live their dreams. I am not alone on this quest by any stretch of the imagination.

(Neither are you.)


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