Things That Happened on my Run

Yesterday I ran 9km! I can still feel it…

Well, I ran MOST of 9km. I did have to stop for a walk-break for the first time in a long time!

I also ran it in my new Performax Compression tights, which ROCK and even make me look kinda sexy! I might be exaggerating a bit, but boy they suck you in! I felt all my muslces breathe a sigh of relief and flump out when I took them off! What a crazy sensation!

And to double my pleasure with these new leggings, there was no chafing!!  Can I have a “Hell Yeah!”

I got chased by another dog, who turned out to be a friendly dog, thank goodness. He came tearing out at me barking, but tail wagging and it seems he was just saying hello and left me to my business.

I also scared and alpaca. I know alpacas can be quite territorial and aggressive, but it ran to a safe distance and just watched me. I had a quick flash of an alpaca attack! Hooves and long necks and teeth flashing – and the spitting!! You don’t often hear about runners getting attacked by an alpaca, do you!? 🙂 hahaha

A little while later I chased a small flock of guinea fowl up the road. Silly turkeys! They were crossing the road, saw me and started running up the road chuckling away in their strange gobble. Then they started to run back across the road, so I moved to the opposite side, and they pulled over into the ditch along side a fence and just cuckled at me. Poor things, they really shouldn’t have been out, and it must have been very stressful for them.

I have a soft spot for guinea foul. We had a lone foul at one of our previous rental homes and were planning to get the old boy a mate, when our lovely dog, MD, decided to kill and eat the poor bird, right in front of us and a few guests with small children. Lovely! Not!

Since then we have held off getting any other poultry or foul, for fear that our sweet doggie will think we’ve left him a bird buffet!

But I digress…

My run was about 9km long and took just under 1 hour – 59 minutes and some seconds. But! I used MapMyRun to map the course, and then realised that they don’t take into account the additional distance travelled up and down hills, so it may have been longer?

I also heard that Garmin has this same problem and now I wonder if I should get one. What I’m going to do is ask G*, who has a nice Garmin and loves it, if he would do a distance comparison with a bike computer to see if the hills are accounted for. If not, I might not get a Garmin… and yet, oh how I’d love one…

Anywho, enough said, off to the next big adventure!

Have you ever heard of strange animal attacks on walkers or runners? Any odd encounters with wildlife on your own travels?


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