Yesterday’s Run

I was putting off a 6km run yesterday, until I nearly had to run it in the dark! I should have left the rec centre at 4:30pm, but dilly-dallied until nearly 5:00!! And boy I started to get a little worried about running back in the dark! It gets dark fast here, when the sun goes down.

The run was quite good, I had a lot of fun, but I had a few odd adventures along the way.

Firstly, I swallowed a bug! I mean, it’s going to happen from time to time. It’s near on dark, the bugs are coming out and I’m running, therefore my mouth is open (I don’t think I’ll ever be able to run with my mouth closed… seriously, I start to run and my jaw hangs loose like a sleeping baby’s! But I digress…) Anyway, I swallowed this midgey/noseeum/fruitfly thing and tried to spit it out, but unfortunately the bug stayed at the back of my throat and I only managed to spit on my own leg. Gross! “How to spit” was clearly a class I missed somewhere along the line! Anyway, it tickled my throat for awhile, but didn’t kill me, so I carried on.

And on the way back, I was cruising quite nicely and sure that I was going to do better than my last run two weeks ago, but then I got chased by a dog! Usually dogs bark and growl at people passing by, but stay in the boundary of their yard. This one, however, must have felt that part of the road was also his territory and he came at me hackles and teeth and barking onto the road.

So I stopped, turned straight at the dog and shouted “NO! BAD DOG!” in a very authoratative voice. He hesitated, took a few steps towards me, so I stomped my foot and pointed and said “NO! GO HOME!” and he began to retreat to the driveway. I then walked away, checking that he wasn’t following, until I felt I must be out of his territory, and then continued to run. The whole thing probably only took a few seconds – maybe 15 or so – which did cut into my run time, but I have always found it best to face up to a dog rather than have them think that they have me scared and they should run after me like some sort of game.

As I was finishing up the run, the street lights came on! I don’t have far to go, but I don’t have any reflective gear on, cars are switching their lights on, and I’m in dark clothing (black bottoms, green top). Not smart girl! But I was off the road and back on the foot path before it was too dark and I did have the safety of the street lights.

All-in-all, it was a good run, I felt really fit and fast, and my sprint in the last few meters felt really good. Sometimes I can put in more effort but not feel more speed. This time, I really felt the speed and was happy to have those reserves there!

6km in 36:19! A few seconds faster than last time. Not as fast as I had hoped though! Ah well, next time!!

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