Weekend Catchup

I’m not really a food blogger, but these last few days seem to have revolved around food! So I decided to share some of the goodies going on!

First, Thursday night, Mat’s sister came to visit for the evening, and spent the night here. This is a big deal because she actually lives a REALLY long way away (4 hours drive direct), and stopped in as she was ‘in the neighbourhood’ – which means she actually drove an hour out of her way to come see us! So nice! She brought us some roast chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and cole slaw for dinner. A good old classic! Haven’t had mashed potatoes and gravy for ages and they were so moorish!! Nom!

Friday we had a staff pot luck dinner. It was a great get-together, and the food was insanely good. It’s a wonder some of our staff aren’t the size of houses, with the quality of food produced! Here’s a quick look at our buffet table:

That’s two whole trestle tables long and it was full of goodness! Some of it was even healthy! Roast veggies in cheese sauce, bread and bread and bread, nachos, salads, chicken, sausages, my mushroom risotto, sliced veggies and cheese, pasta and meatballs, wine, juice, and desserts! Awesome! I thought the evening would pass fairly quickly, and everyone would take off – some to the pubs, others to bed – by about 8:30pm, but many stayed until 10pm! I must be getting old and stodgy if 10pm is a late night, but for me, it really is… indicating I really must get out more 🙂 hehee

Saturday and Sunday we had the great pleasure of having Mat’s Mum and Dad come stay with us again, and the deck building got to a stage of near completion. All that underlying work – digging holes, pouring footings, and all the unseen stuff is now DONE and the deck top can be put on. The easy bit is all that’s left! Here’s a quick shot of the result at the end of the weekend:

It doesn’t look like much, but it’s marvellous!

We also changed up the bedroom. Forgot to do a before, but here’s the brilliant after:

A few other things got done, and it was really productive and fun! But I started talking about food, so I’ll finish with the menu for the weekend. I think we ate well, and although we might have eaten a bit more than we needed, I still only weigh 68kg, so I am pleased to say I didn’t gain a million pounds! Also, we have lots of leftovers!

Saturday for lunch we had tagine (not a loose tagine cooked in a tagine steamer, but a baked tagine slice with lamb, potato, spinach, parsley, and a dozen eggs – a perfect sandwich filler) and a garden salad.

For dinner Saturday night we had T&E over as well, and we had a slow cooked chicken dish that was just a ‘toss it in and see what comes out’ dish. The chicken was delightful and tender! Love my slow cooker, I really should use it more often! The mashed potatoes and gravy of Thursday was my inspiration for whipped mash potatoes with butter, light sour cream and grainy mustard. Delicious!! And the drippings from the slow cooker made a tasty gravy! Add to that the leftover salad and the veggies from the slow cooker and we had a meal to remember! And then, to knock everyone over the edge I made fruit salad with warm custard and cold whipped cream! Warm custard on a cold night is so very dreamy!

Sunday we had a leftovers lunch, plus my new favourite, Spicy Tomato Soup! There were nachos from Friday night, salad, tagine, and lots of bread, but the chicken, potatoes and gravy from Saturday were all gone! Yup, we finished it off completely!

I also made some low-fat mini chocolate muffins, that usually turn out really good, but I decided to make them with wholemeal flour instead of white, and they didn’t turn out. Well, they cooked fine, and tasted fine, but wouldn’t come out of the muffin tin. This led to a chocolate muffin mass in a bowl, which was then covered in leftover custard and cream and eaten as a trifle. I think that custard and cream probably undid the ‘low-fat’ status of those muffins!

So, as I mentioned, a weekend that revolved around family, food, and just generally gettin’ things done!

How was your weekend?


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