Rubbed the Wrong Way

Nope, no one is bugging me or causing me greif — except my THIGHS!

Oh my goodness!!

I am getting serious chafing on my inner thighs! And it stings and burns and looks horrible! Gads!

I have had chafing problems before, when training for the Blackwood Marathon, but it was only on my arms. Basically, I would experience chafing when the seam of a shirt sat in the wrong place and I would get a lovely burn on the inside of my arm. The solution to this problem was to simply not wear shirts that chafed and then there was no more problem!

But with this, it seems it’s actually my own thighs causing the problem! I thought maybe it was a seam issue as well, but even after changing back to the bottoms I was wearing for the majority of the Blackwood training, I am STILL getting chafe burns, and they are getting worse!

I won’t show a picture here, because that would just be a MAJOR OVERSHARE, but they even have a little “Nike Swish” which definitely indicates that it’s caused by the action of running and walking.

So, I’ve been trying to moisturise and keep the area soft, but unless I start running with bow legs, it’s going to continue to be a problem.

This problem raises the question: have my legs recently gotten bigger? I don’t think so, but then I haven’t measured this month! And at this point I’m kind of facing a denial moment – I don’t want to measure, just in case they are bigger! Hello! Reality check!? One might be in order! So, step one is clearly to shrink my thighs!

But in the meantime, I’m trying to figure out how to manage this uncomfortable problem. Clearly, not running and exercising is not an option! That will just make fatter thighs and more chafing! So, how can I be more comfortable?

Now, I have seen a few bits of advice on chafing, which seem to revolve around a few basic practices:

  • Avoid the items that cause chafing, such as my shirt elimation practice. Unfortunately, this does not appear to be a ‘gear’ issue, as changing clothes to ones I never got chafing in has not resulted in any improvements in the condition. And unfortunately, I can’t avoid my thighs! Bah!
  • Lubricate the area with vaseline or similar. I have been moisturising, but I am hesitant to put vaseline or similar on my legs because I am afraid it will stain my clothes. “Hey, what’s that weird wet spot on your inner thighs?” … uh no thanks.
  • Cover it with strapping tape. This seems like it would be quite uncomfortable (then again, maybe if I shaved I wouldn’t be so scared of sticking tape to my thighs! LOL!) but from what I can gather, I suppose it’s the next step?

Do you have any different suggestions that might be a little more comfortable?


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