Mid-Year Goals Review

I haven’t really been focusing on a lot of my goals lately, and thought it was time to sharpen the pencil and see what I intended to accomplish in 2011 and how I’m going with achieving those goals.

Goals set in January:

  • Theme for the year:  Criticise Less and Praise More. I really hope I have been doing this. I know lately I sound like a big whiney baby, but really, I have been trying to be more positive in my dealings with others.
  • Travel to Canada – Yes! And it already seems like a lifetime ago.
  • Renovations – deck and back room – started the deck and not even close on the back room, and don’t imagine it will get done this year. That back room is a monster of a project! However, some inside stuff is underway, and that’s a real bonus.
  • Mat’s Mobile Service Equipment – I have had very little to do with this, other than being supportive and saying “Wow honey! I think it looks great!” but Mat’s been going leaps and bounds on this! He’s nearly fully mobile now! Maybe this shouldn’t have been on my list. Yes, it is something I wanted to see happen, but truly, how can I contribute to this when I’m not a welder and can’t really make decisions or contributions towards this goal?
  • Andrea’s Cert IV (Personal Training) – I intend to do this in December 2011 in a three-week intensive program. However, there are changes afoot (more about that in a later post) which may change the plan a bit … but I hope it won’t! This is really something I should ensure I still get.
  • Save more money – yes, I have been saving towards Christmas, but haven’t put aside any money to get the car serviced. That was actually a good idea and I should get onto that.
  • Earn more money – does the $0.50 cost of living increase count? A second job is really not viable right now, so this goal was probably unrealistic.
  • Family connections – I feel that I have been keeping in touch just a little better than usual, though still not as good as I’d like. But there has been an improvement and it’s really nice when you make those little touches. I think it really brightens up both people’s day!
  • Mat’s Trade Qualifications – no movement on this front. Of course, I suppose this shouldn’t really have been on my goal list, since it’s not something I can really do.
  • Horse Riding Lesson Weekly and Restart Nero – uh, yeah, you’ve been with me for this one… not exactly going according to plan and a re-adjustment of goals is going to be necessary. Possibly something like “handling my horses daily” might be in order.
  • Swear Less – well, that plan came and went and I still swear like a sailor. Even in my head, I swear. Seriously, I should stop swearing! Maybe I should revisit this goal and try again.
  • Stop Interrupting – nope, still do that heaps! Likewise, these small habits will really help improve my communication with people and everyone will benefit. Another one really worth revisiting.
  • Grow our garden – only if weeds and self-sown whatever’s-out-there counts 🙂 hehehe But I was just thinking the other day that a great weekend project would be to just grow a whole bed of spinach. I love spinach with a capital ‘L’ and that would be a good way to get started again – growing something I know I’m going to eat!

I recently set another goal of running the 12km City to Surf on 28th August, and have been working towards that goal, albeit in a slightly sporadic kind of way.

I set 13 goals at the beginning of the year, and really have only made progress on 5-7 depending on how you judge ‘progress.’ I wonder if this is partly due to some of them being a little unrealistic? Or if I just haven’t been focused enough? Maybe my focus has changed? I do feel that I’ve stalled over winter, and really lost sight of what it was I wanted to see happen this year. But looking at these has brought a few things to light that I’d like to revisit and try to re-focus on:

  1. Criticise Less and Praise More
  2. Swearing Less
  3. Interrupting Less
  4. Growing the Garden
  5. Finishing the Front Deck

These ones jump out at me most. Sadly, I want to put the horses down, but I am not ‘in a good way’ right now, and really need a much more positive mind-set to truly enjoy my time with them.

What about you? If you look back on what you hoped to accomplish this year, do you feel you’re moving in the right direction or do you feel a bit stuck?


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