Back in Business

This whole week I have been unable to load wordpress on my computer at home. I still have no idea what the cause of the problem is, but today it’s gone! So!

What have I been up to all week?

Not as much as I should have been.

On Thursday I ran 6km in just over 36 minutes and was really happy about it! And then I went to Body Attack and really felt the ‘Attack!’ Wow, I felt like a champion doing those two workouts back-to-back! And I went hard in both of them!

Also, H* invited me out for a social bike ride down Police Pools Road to rack up a bit of distance for the Tour de Katanning (can you believe it’s Tour time again!?). I honestly can’t remember the last time I rode my bike, but I am sure it was before we went to Canada. Maybe in February. I considered backing out and not doing it. I felt unsure and embarassed. But I didn’t go for a run and I didn’t do Balance training and Mat was at work, so I really didn’t have one good excuse up my sleeve at all! So I went out. It was challenging, and a lot like a first time ever ride again. I didn’t think I’d make it to the end of Police Pools, so the girls went out ahead, and I met them very close to the end, so I decided I *HAD* to make it to the end! YAY! 25km done! I wasn’t fast (I so rarely am on a bike), but if I can just plug away at it, I can get there! I really must stop trying to keep up with the girls  who ride regularly and religiously (H* rode 330km this week already) and just ride my own ride, build on my own strengths and stop feeling bad for sitting at the back. This is where I need to rein in some of that competitive spirit of mine and just find pleasure in doing it.

Other than that, though, no interesting news on the exercise front. In fact, I’ve noticed a significant decline in the number of hours of exercise I do each week. I really have been trying, but I think I’ve got a touch of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and I am struggling, as I tend to do this time of year. Having a clear goal does help, because then I don’t drop into a complete funk, which is something I have to be really careful about. I must not give myself permission to cave into the glumness of the weather.

We have been productive on other fronts: we got the sign hung in the front hall (I admit, I whined and nagged to make this happen, but I think we’re both really happy that it’s done), and I puttied the holes in the baseboards on Sunday. Today I sanded them back. Over the next few days I will mask them off, and give them two coats of glossy paint!

The deck, which came to a grinding halt after so much progress was made the weekend we had the in-laws over, is promising another push in the right direction, with the in-laws inviting themselves over for a second deck-building weekend! I must say, I do love my in-laws! 🙂 They will be over this coming weekend. Can’t wait!

I have been really doing poorly on the food front! Firstly, I haven’t really been inspired to cook, plus the oven is broken, which is a great excuse for not doing a bake or a roast. I also realised, through keeping a food diary, that I am eating a ‘sometimes’ food every day! Lollies one day, spinach and ricotta roll another, slice another, chocolate yet another… this will not help me achieve my goals, keep my brain and body working well, or set an example for clients! I think it’s interesting how we edit out of our minds the stuff we eat, how it doesn’t seem that bad or that often, until you see it there in black and white. Until I was looking at the diary, I thought I had been eating quite well. In fact, I hadn’t been getting my 2 & 5, and had been putting in too many emtpy calories!

Oh dear, it’s time for work! Must run! Hope you’ve been having a great week!


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