People Think It’s Easy

Many people assume that just because I teach fitness, because it’s my job to exercise, to motivate, to lead, that it’s easy for me. I believe they assume this of most fit people (I know I do!). They assume that somehow a fit person doesn’t struggle with motivation, that they WANT to go out and exercise every day, that it’s easy and they never have conflicts within themselves about staying inside where it’s warm, versus going outside and slogging out a big workout. Anyone who’s read more than one of my posts knows this isn’t true of me, nor is it actually true of most of the fit people I know.

I think the biggest difference between those who are regularly active and those who are not is that those who are active have mastered the arguments they have with themselves, so exercise wins most of the time. They have had – and won – the ‘but it’s so much nicer sitting here…’ argument so many times that it is a habit to win it. But I must tell you, they still have that debate in their minds.

Everytime you do (or don’t do) something, you are making a choice. We decide what to do based on what’s important to us, and essentially it is decided by weighing up the cost or benefit of action, versus the cost or benefit of inaction.

I think the secret that we all have to master is finding good, strong, ‘weighty’ reasons to move into action. Reasons that matter to you, personally, that will tip the scales in favour of exercise, good eating, and healthy living. If your reasons to exercise aren’t important enough, they will not win out. On the flip side, you can also add weight to the cost of inaction (health concerns, guilt, etc), and these may be motivating enough in a pinch, but I really think a positive reason to move will be a stronger, longer lasting motivator.

So on that note, I really must go for a run, and I’ll ponder all my reasons for action!

What costs and benefits do you think of to get you over that “maybe not today” argument?


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