Run, Baby, Run!

We have had some terrible weather the last few days. Very high winds, lots and lots of rain. My run on Monday was on the treadmill, because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to talk myself into running outside in that weather. But today…

It was perfect!

Sunshine, still, and the creek was flowing! The creek rarely flows, but it was trickling along like a babbling brook! Oh, how sweet the sound of flowing water!

I did my usual 5km loop, and was a little daunted, I haven’t done a full 5ks outside in ages! And the first kilometer or so is always a challenge, as you warm up, get your stride and get accustomed to breathing through your run. Kilometers two and three were AWESOME! I felt really comfortable and well paced in my stride and hit the 3k mark at just over 18 minutes, right where I had hoped to be. I started to wear out a bit during the 4th and 5th ks, because I really think I had been moving quite quickly over the last two, and by the last 500 meters my breathing was quite laboured and I was starting to develop a bit of a stitch in my side. But I just took a few deep breaths and gave my all in a flat out sprint (though only I would have known I was sprinting! I didn’t get much faster!) from the corner to the white post that signals the finish line (maybe 15 meters?)

And lo and behold! I finished it in 30:00:17!!


I am really happy with a 30 minute 5km, though I do want to improve that. I don’t know if I have time to accomplish it, or if it’s outside of my capabilities, but I’d love to do the 12km run in 1 hour. I did the 12km Blackwood run in 1 hour 5 minutes…

5 minute kilometers? Well, it’s something to aim for!


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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