It’s not all doom and gloom

I sometimes worry that I sound like a psycho depressed manic so-and-so! Going on about fear and self-doubt, and questioning my place and position in life. These are questions I generally ask myself, and then just get on about ‘doing life’ like normal, but when you pen it out, it can sound a lot more ‘permanent,’ for lack of a better word.

In fact, although the current focus of my posts has been fear – and clearly it’s something I have to work through – the rest of my life is pretty darn cheery. 🙂

For example, Mat and I are making great progress on the house, and although we still argue about how the house is going to look in the long-run, we’re nowhere near ready to demolish the back room and start major renovations, so we can just keep tossing ideas around, back and forth, until we finally do have to commit and move forward. But progress is being made on the deck, and the front hall is nearly done and I’ve started to think about the next room! It’s fun to use my creativity to imagine colours, designs, layouts. Things don’t always work out exactly as I plan them, but it’s a really invigorating process. It’s like stretching for the brain! 🙂

Likewise, on the exercise front, after weeks of focusing on learning new releases and feeling really fatigued, I think I’ve gotten my groove back and am running again. Today’s run: 5km on treadmill in 32:32, average 9km/hr, 6:40 kilometers. Not as fast as I used to run, but I know I can build on that.

Also, my “10 Weeks to Wellness” program has really got me fired up! (I said 12 originally, but there’s only 10 weeks in this school term, so I’ll have to make some adjustments to fit it in). My objective is to provide participants with the information and tools they need to tackle Food, Fitness and Feelings around getting healthy and fit, and build and maintain motivation (ooh, that elusive motivation!). It’s going to require a whole lot of commitment on both my part and that of the participants. Should be really interesting!

Finally, I have gotten dates so I can start to make plans to complete my Cert IV (Personal Trainer) certificate. It’s a three-week course Monday-Thursday in Perth, so will have to take time off work to do it. It may be that I’ll have to wait until the December session to do it over the Summer Holidays. We’ll see, I’ll have to check how much time off I have. Not much, I assume, since I went to Canada for 6 weeks in March-April. (Wow, that seems a life time ago already!)

I also think I want to get more in-depth with Nutrition training. Next year, perhaps, I’ll start a nutrition course, though I’m not sure I want to commit to doing a BSc and then the post grad Dietician program. More likely I’ll take an accredited ‘Nutrition Counselling’ course, before making any major educational commitments. Something to look forward to for next year!

Oh! And another thing I’m thinking of is videoing me teaching fitness classes to improve my form, cueing and leadership on stage. I think it’s important to be as good as I can be. Sounds like a good excuse to go buy a video camera to me! 😉

I like having projects to work on! It really gets me fired up! I found that when one thing started to feel exciting and motivating, the rest of my life all started to come together, too! As soon as I got the go-ahead on the 10 Weeks program, I pretty much felt like it got all the cogs aligned, and the momentum has been building in other areas, too!

What fires you up? Do you feel the same way: that one motivating moment transfers over to others? Or do things work more separately for you?


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