Exploring Vegetarianism

Since seeing the last episode of South Pacific back in February I decided I would go vegetarian. See the post here about how I was affected by what I saw.

I didn’t think it’d be that hard. Afterall, we are not ‘meat and potatoes’ eaters, and Mat used to be a vegetarian, so how hard could it be? I decided that I would slowly use up the meat in our freezer and then just not buy anymore.

It’s been surprisingly more difficult than I first imagined!

I told myself I wasn’t going to be too fussed about being served meat by others. I ate quite a lot of meat when I was on vacation in Canada. Much of what we ate was venison or other wild meat, or, as D* organised, beautiful organic pasture fed beef. Lovely! While at my mothers, we ate a lot more vegetarian, as she’s been a vegetarian for years and is just starting to go vegan, but she still prepares meat for the boys, so we still ate some meat most days. I felt comfortable with those choices, and it also left me feeling like I wasn’t forcing something new on people when I wasn’t completely settled with it yet anyway.

Since returning home, I tried really hard to go vegetarian 100%, but have struggled and faltered a bit. After about two or three weeds, there came a point where I just didn’t feel satisfied. I could not seem to get enough food in me! I was missing something, and I was really noticing it! So I did a roast up, and that did help. So, clearly, going from meat on most days to meat on no days was way too hard for me to adjust to!

Lately, I’ve been making about one meat dish per week, trying to choose free-range meats, and avoiding fish, especially tuna, for the time being. I haven’t been perfect about it all, but as my repetiore of vegetarian meals increases, I think I’ll be able to cook more satisfying veggie meals more often, and may be able to pull back on the meat dishes even further.

When we go out to eat, I always try to choose vegetarian options, and have been trying to stick firmly to that rule, choosing veggie burgers, wraps, and so on. I love that most restaurants are switched on to food intolerances and diet restrictions. Vegans still have a hard time eating out, I’ve noticed, but it’s nice that going out isn’t impossible. Afterall, my reason for choosing to go vegetarian was more about controlling the method of producing the meat than about avoiding meat. At home, I get to choose the meat myself, and can avoid the mass-produced stuff in restaurants.

Anyway, becoming a vegetarian is still a work in progress.

Have you ever made major changes to your diet? Gone vegetarian, too? I’d love to hear your advice on making it work!


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