Getting Skinny?

Just did my monthly measurements and wanted to quickly share the results.

Before I went away in March, I

  • weighed 66.6kg (146.5lb),
  • had a 78cm waist,
  • 100.5cm hips, and
  • thighs around 63cm

When I returned in May, I

  • weighed 69.9kg (153.8lb, + 3.3kg/7.3lb),
  • had an 85.6cm waist (+7.6cm),
  • 108cm hips (+7.5cm), and
  • thighs around 66cm (+3cm)!

Wow, did I ever stack it on! 6 weeks of good eating and easy living sure made me bigger than I have been in a very long time! I added a good 18cm to my body in just 6 weeks!

After about four weeks of re-developing my fitness routine and health habits, to a point where I’m pretty happy about my daily exercise and diet, I have come quite a way!

This morning I

  • weighed 69.7kg (153.3lb, -0.2kg/.4lb),
  • had a 81.2cm waist (-4.4cm),
  • 103.4cm hips (-4.6cm), and
  • 65cm (-1cm) thighs!

So my weight hasn’t really changed, but look at that waist, hip and thigh change! That’s already 10cm lost in about 4 weeks. And how much fitter do I feel?!

This is precisely why I never allow my clients to focus on the numbers on the scale. It’s only one measure of success, and it doesn’t always tell the truth! I have slimmed down, toned up, and gotten my cardiovascular fitness back to a place I find acceptable. I have goals and healthy eating habits and feel good! And I can see those results in the measurements.

Sure, I’d like to weight 65kg, and maybe some day I will, but considering that I now have a very well-rounded workout schedule, which includes plenty of weights and not just 100% cardio, I am more likely to stay a bit heavier but get tighter and look fab!

What’s the most important measure of success for you in fitness? Cardio/endurance? Waist measurements/dress size? Weight?


One response to “Getting Skinny?

  1. I think feeling good is the one to long for! If you feel good, you more than likely look good! And everyone wants to feel that… That moment when you look in the mirror and go ‘god I look great’!

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