All the small things

It has been a big month, and a big week even, just in small things. I have so many little things to talk about, I might just do a quick bullet point list here of what’s been going on!

  • I am eligible for Medicare. This makes me one step closer to being a permanent resident of Australia
  • My taxes for last financial year are done, and I’m getting a refund (yeah, love refunds!)
  • It has rained and things are growing! YAY!
  • I have signed up for the 12km City to Surf race in August with at least one other person from work. I started training yesterday.
  • I am waiting for the rain to lessen so I can go out and train this morning.
  • I have been involved in a Shire team doing the Bibulmum Track Challenge, which is an online team challenge where minutes of exercise and fruit and veg eaten count towards distance travelled on the Bib Track, a rather iconic trail that goes from Perth to Albany, and is over 900km long. (As an aside, I’d love to actually WALK the Track for real.) As a result of this challenge, I have gotten really good at eating two fruit and five veg every day! Yay me! And also, I am highly motivated to get a minimum of 90 minutes exercise daily.
  • I have even gotten my Seniors Gym class to participate in the Bib Track challenge and I think it’s going to be highly motivating for them, and really rewarding for them to see what they do to contribute to their good health every day, rather than just looking at the hour or two a week when they are in class.
  • The new Les Mills releases are out, and we’re going to do a Body Odyssey (three tracks from Pump, Step, Attack and Balance) to launch, followed by a whole week of launches of the complete programs. K* has been doing such a good job as Group Fitness Coordinator, and has really been working hard to encourage everyone to improve their numbers and get excited about group fitness! (Yay K*!)
  • I finally got a good night’s sleep last night and feel rested this morning!
  • Mat and I are going out for lunch together today, and he’s been making an ever greater effort than usual to make sure we’re spending time together. Not just ‘blobbed on the couch, exhausted from a huge day’ together, but doing something nice each week.
  • The doors got painted, the material got ordered, the family got called, and we might have most of a deck by the weekend! I feel so good about how things are moving forward!
  • I have been getting Personal Training once a week, for 30 minutes and I am absolutely getting flogged by my trainer, but it’s SO good for me! I love the challenge and love that I am getting toned and stronger and feeling better about myself! I even upped my weights in Pump class (by quite a bit) and felt great! Might need to take some of them up just a little more!
  • We are in the final-ish stages of getting our budget requests put through to Council. I have been lobbying for a particular piece of software for years and for the first time this year, we have gotten past two levels and have strong support from the Manager of Corporate Services (MCS). If he can get it past the CEO, then it will pass by Council next Wednesday. I will have my report to the CEO completed tomorrow, and with the MCS’s support, we should have new software that will totally improve our facility and resource management! YAY!

Well, now I have to get my butt in gear, the sun is shining, the horses need feeding, and there’s a run with my name on it! 🙂


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