Up and Running

You might think, with all this complaining introspective garble I’ve been putting out, that I’ve made no progress what-so-ever in becoming a better me! Well, it’s not so! 🙂

In fact, I have been working towards losing my vacation fat and getting back into shape, and have settled into a nice routine that I feel really stiff and sore good about! 🙂

Now that my schedule has settled down into a fairly predictable routine, here’s what I’ve been doing:

  • Monday: Pump, Balance (120 minutes)
  • Tuesday: Circuit, Step (120 minutes – and hello calves!)
  • Wednesday: 30 minute DVD, Balance (90 minutes)
  • Thursday: PT Session, Attack (90 (killer) minutes)
  • Friday: running (30 minutes)

Just today I added the run after work. I chose to go on the treadmill because it’s easier on the knees and I can control the time and distance and can pull out if I need to. To be honest, I was really scared of having crippling knee pain again, but I am very pleased to inform you that today I ran for 1.2km steady at 9.0kph without knee pain (twinges don’t count, right?). Truly, I’m out of synch with running, and only got 3.6km in 30 minutes, which is a far cry from the 5 or 6km I could bang out in 30 minutes at the end of last year, but hey, it was my first day back and I’m darned pleased with the results!

The next addition to the schedule will be something for Saturday and Sunday. A walk, bike ride or row will be awesome to add to the list, or even another DVD (I ordered two Tae Bo videos. Don’t laugh! They were on special! Hope they get here soon!)

I’ve lost a little weight, not much, but the food’s the next thing I need to get under control again. With that in mind, I must go figure out what to make for dinner so I don’t eat a whole bag of M&Ms and undo today’s good hard work!


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