Satisfied Sleep

This weekend a few home reno things took shape: we ordered the timber for the deck frame and we bought paint for the hallway doors. Neither of these tasks seem monumental, but indeed, with a long wait (years) for a deck to take shape, instead of a sand box out my front door, ordering the materials meant a commitment to the project that was tangible!

But since there was nothing we could do for our deck until the material arrives and Mat builds the stirrups, we painted the two doors in the hallway. Again, this is a project that has been in the works since March 2010! The doors aren’t the last of the project, but certianly give it a finished feel.

Since we had the dining room full of painting gear and saw horses and tools, we thought we might as well paint the other doors in the house. A coat of paint on these doors made such a difference! Paint hides a plethora of sins! Mat took down each door, took off the hardware, and rehung them, occasionally doing a fix so the doors closed easily. Nice. Fresh paint and no more slamming, sticking, wedging doors!

After cleaning up, I did a little hacking of the old work shirts we used as rags under the horses to keep the floor from getting paint splattered. I cut off all the buttons, cut out the backs and kept them as the best rags, and then hacked the other bits up into useable sizes. I wish I had done this prior to setting up, we would have had double the coverage under the doors!

Anyway, then I was tired. Exhausted. Satisfied! I haven’t felt like that in ages! I went to bed and slept one of the best sleeps I’ve had since arriving back home! And I think it was because I had put time and energy into a project that moved me towards my goals. Because I had done something I wanted to do, was motivated to do and was willing to do right!

Sleep is so important to me, and as I said, I haven’t had a great sleep like that since returning home. There’s always some reason or another: jet lag, lack of daylight (sunrise 7:10am, sunset 5:25pm), getting overtired, lack of exercise, being too pumped up from exercise, too much caffiene… the list goes on. The last couple of weeks I’ve been sleeping for a long time, but not feeling tired when I go to bed or rested when I wake up. Last night I went to bed tired and slept so well! It’s true, I could have kept sleeping, it was so nice, but was also quite happy to get up and get going again. I was actually excited to share my good night’s sleep. Funny huh?

I guess this means for a good night’s rest, I’m going to have to work on projects that matter to me every day! Sounds like fun!

How do you get a good night’s sleep?


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