Knock Knock

‘Who’s there?’

‘Rude Interrupting Cow.’

‘Rude Interrupting C…’


Dumb joke, but that’s me! I’m a rude interrupting cow! I really really really need to stop interrupting!

I interrupt because:

  • I am not listening to you
  • I assume I know what you’re going to say
  • I think I know better anyway
  • I have something else I think is more interesting or more important to say
  • I don’t want to forget what I’ve got going on in my head
  • I want to be paid attention to and
  • I don’t think it can wait for TWO WHOLE SECONDS because I am impatient

None of these things is very nice. Not a nice reflection of me and not a nice reflection of my treatment of others.


It will be a very difficult thing to do, but I am NOT going to interrupt this week!

I am going to listen until the other person is done.

I am going to think about what they have to say and stay on topic.

This will be incredibly difficult for me! Perhaps I shouldn’t work on staying on topic in the same breath as I am trying to just listen and not interrupt. It’s already a pretty big task to set, but it must be done!


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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