More on Employees

Not moron employees… hehehe

I’ve been reading a lot about leadership and management, and have been trying to apply many of the concepts in my work. I have so many areas to develop and strengthen, but we’ll leave that for another post for now!

This is just a quick link to another article that is much better written than my previous article on creating or training good employees.

Basically, it puts forward many of the same few things I was trying to say, but does so in a much more positive voice. To summarise, the 10 points of the article are:

  1. What you do outside of work matters.
  2. Your attitude is as important as your assignments.
  3. Speak up!
  4. Follow our lead.
  5. Toot your own horn.
  6. We don’t like performance reviews either.
  7. Dress like you mean business.
  8. We appreciate positive feedback, too.
  9. Be a problem solver.
  10. Take responsiblity for your actions.

 I particularly like point #2. Your attitude is so important! How much nicer is it to meet a smiling person than a scowling one? I was thinking the other day, “What is it people come here for? What do they want from us?” For more than any other business in town that I can think of, our business is about fun! People come to the rec centre to play. Their time here is almost entirely voluntary and therefore when they come here they are looking for a positive and fun experience. Without that, they have the option of not coming back!

Of course, in almost all cases, in almost all businesses, people have the choice to patronize your business or not (perhaps unless you’re a hospital?). But even the nicest facility, best stock, best prices, and whatever else might be on offer, means almost nothing if a person has a bad service experience! Bad service experiences come from employees with bad attitudes.

With that focus in mind, I resolve to create a positive working experience for my coworkers, which will hopefully have the carry-over effect of creating a positive customer experience for everyone who walks through the door!


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