My Best Self…

Is Calm
– aware
– organised
– focused
– regimented
– reliable
– energised and positive

Is A Leader
– a doer
– reads, learns, applies
– decisive
– a delegator
– a teacher

Is Caring (I surprise even myself sometimes!)
– thoughtful
– forgiving
– remembers people, birthdays, events
– entertains a bit

Lives Simply
– fit, healthy & attractive
– frugal, thrifty
– generous, charitable

There were lots of other words that came to mind, ones that seemed like they should be on just such a list, but they didn’t really ring true for me. I posted a few things relating to ‘my best self’ in the past, just not really realising it.¬†Recently I posted Things that Matter to Me, and When I Grow Up I Want to be Like My Mother, and have expressed my desire to be more focused in Being a Better Blogger.

So, here’s to the start of something new! May it lead to great things!


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