Monday Tuesday Wednesday Flyday!

Although I’m sure these lists are boring to you, they are so exciting to me! Every check mark is a step closer to gone!

Still to do:

  • installation of a new security light
  • oil change on my car
  • strain fence wire that Nero busted
  • take rubbish to the tip
  • call airline to find out about baggage limits (can (should) we check empty suitcases?)
  • weed the garden
  • buy enough feed to get the horses, cat and dog through six weeks
  • laundry
  • give the house one more sweep and mop before leaving
  • clean the horse trough

 Most of this will actually get done on Wednesday. I may not weed the garden. But then I said I wasn’t likely to clean the laundry room and it got done and it looks great. Still not as organised as I’d like, but we can’t do much about that without better storage. Definitely don’t have enough storage in our house!!

I’ve emailed everyone itineraries, organised a ride to and from airport, got most work stuff sorted (I hope!!), and am ready for my final fitness classes of the week. The vet, credit card companies, and farrier are all arranged. Our house-sitter is ready to go. I could leave today. Could I pretty please leave today? 🙂 hehe

I’ve picked a challenge for when I return – basically a sugar and treats detox – so I can cleanse myself of what is probably going to be an over-eating affair. Holidays, family, food… all in abundance I imagine! And who am I to say no to their wonderful home cooking!? 😉

We need to leave our place by about 8:30am on Flyday to get to Perth in time to socialise prior to cruising to the airport and flying away!

According to my countdown timer I have 3 days, 6 hours, 33 minutes and 30 seconds to go.

Not that I’m counting!!


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