I think I’ll go pack

5 more sleeps!

I have a list of things to do still, but they aren’t so terribly critical anymore. Many of the things on my list require Mat’s attention, for example:

  • installation of a new security light
  • oil change on my car
  • fix sprinkler head I ran over with the lawn mower (*blush*)
  • strain fence wire that Nero busted while leaning through the fence to get to ‘greener’ grass
  • take all our rubbish to the tip
  • put rodent baits under roof sheets in addition (there is no other way to access the space, other than peeling back the roof, tossing them in and repacing the roof sheets. This is why the mice must like it so much.)

I have purchased, organised, and set aside all the bits needed for these jobs, just need him to do them. Yes, I am capable of doing some of these jobs – security light and tip run, for example – but generally it’s faster when he does get around to doing these kinds of jobs. He knows where all the tools are hidden! I could almost strain the fence, but the wire is so stiff I find it really difficult to bend it into the knots, twists and ties needed, so would rather leave it to him, who makes it look oh-so-easy!

On my list of things to do, other than work, there’s:

  • cleaning and organising the laundry room – which is probably one of those “worst for last” kind of jobs. I am a bit dreading the idea of starting that job.
  • I also have to weed the garden.
  • And this week I have to buy enough feed to get the horses, cat and dog through six weeks,
  • call the vet to let him know that we’re away and who will be responsible for the animals,
  • call the credit card companies to let them know we’re going overseas and to please not cancel our cards,
  • call our farrier again and try to these boys feet done before we leave (why hasn’t he gotten back to me?),
  • buy tickets from Edmonton to Vancouver,
  • and organise the afternoon tea and sausage sizzle for the last of my classes.
  • Oh, and I suppose doing the laundry,
  • giving the house one more sweep and mop before leaving,
  • and cleaning the horse trough all need to be on this list, too.

Yeah, no biggie. (There might be a hint of sarcasm there.)

Which I why I am going to go pack instead! 🙂 Way more fun!

Our packing plan involves packing ourselves into our carry-on bags, and checking two empty suitcases. I don’t know if they allow this, but the idea behind it is that the airlines can’t lose our bags and we can bring home heaps of stuff without having to buy another bag or suitcase. (We do not need more suitcases!) We don’t have much in the way of winter-wear anyway, so we’ll have to buy or borrow while over there anyway, so it doesn’t matter if we don’t bring much with us to Canada. I just have to find out if the airline will allow us to check empty suitcases.

Besides, don’t you find that you wear the same few outfits the whole time you’re on vacation because they’re the most comfortable, and all the rest just get lugged around? I went around Australia for about a year and most of my photos were taken of me in two different pairs of shorts, about three tops, and some bathers. Maybe that’s just me? 🙂

Do you overpack when you travel? Do you like to have lots of clothes, or do you like to travel light?


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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