Putting a Long Weekend to Good Use

I won’t bore you with all the gory details, but there is nothing quite so satisfying as a big check mark on a list.

Or maybe there is, but right now, those check marks are making me VERY happy! Each check mark is one step closer to being ready for Canada! ūüôā

Bright and sunshiney on this long-weekend Monday morning, I went for a ride with M*, and surprise!! L* and his daughter A* came along for funzies! It was great to go out for a nice social ride with friends!

I brought my phone and intended to take photos, but it was not to be.

I haven’t ridden TK in ages and it showed. He was a pork chop for the first third of the ride, bucking and snorting, and spooking, and just generally being a dick. (No photos, just busy holding on!)¬†

He calmed right down after he had a chance to visit with the miniatures at the corner. I think he realised this was a social ride and he mellowed right out. We walked for most of the ride, though we did trot a little, once TK settled in and decided that Jayke (L*’s horse) was his new BFF. I was riding in a different saddle and ended up calling a halt to our trotting because of the saddle sores forming on my calves! The stirrup leathers were cutting right through me! OUCH! I haven’t had a saddle sore like that in ages! Maybe I’m getting soft, but I sure missed my fenders! (No photos, forgot all about it and just enjoyed the ride!)

Coming home we had a terrible spook when Kingy came up behind us with a trotter pulling his training cart.¬†Flair and Chloe both spooked, and M* came off (though she nearly held on!)¬†Despite the uncermonious dismount, she was alright. A*, who is probably 11 or 12, ¬†jumped off her pony, nervous that something else bad would happen, and¬†both ladies lost their horses in the flurry of activity!¬†Luckily, L* was able to round them up, and they stopped and allowed themselves to be caught before heading onto any major roads, but¬†that kind of signalled the end of our ride. Everyone was on edge and the horses were getting strong with their noses pointed in the direction of home. TK tried to pull a spook again, but was easily managed. (No photos. “What? Was I intending to take photos of this?”)

It was¬†interesting to see how naughty my¬†horse can¬†be, and indicates that I really can’t be complacent with his training,¬†just because I think he’s a calm horse. He still needs the work and the attention. Oh, there it is: more guilt!

Also today, I scrubbed the bathroom in the way I was taught way back when I cleaned houses for a living. It was a short lived carreer (it lasted maybe three weeks) but I sure did learn some stuff! Mainly I learned that rich people have too much house for their own good. Seriously. But I digress. Anyway, the bathroom SPARKLES and I am tempted to disallow its use for another few days.

I mowed the lawn and ran over another sprinkler head that didn’t recess back down properly. Mat’ll be quite annoyed, that’s the second one this year, and they cost near to $20 to replace. The irony is that I was being really careful and looking for any sprinkler heads poking up after the last incident, but the grass was too long and I didn’t look in quite the right place. PING! Groan! “Aw No!”

I also cleaned my hay shed. This may not seem like a whole lot, but you should see the pile to take to the tip! Wow, I was storing some stuff in there! Good stuff! Useful stuff!¬† Stuff that will never ever EVER get used. So out it goes! (I’m getting really good at purging lately, I’m really feeling good about letting go of stuff!)¬†In the process of¬†cleaning the shed¬†I put together a great (adequate) equine first aid kit, and found the rest of my bridle, including the long leather reins, which will be much better for use with TK and his big long neck! My instructor will be so pleased!

Now we’re nearly ready to show our home to J*, our house-sitter! I was seriously embarassed before this!

In other news, I’ve pretty much convinced Mat that poison must be employed to removed the rodent population. Today they ate a hole two inches long and an inch wide in the ceiling pannel and peeped out at us! These mice are making me crazy! I’ll have to tell you all about my mousey-woes one day…

But for now, a little pasta with beans and veggies to whip up, and another movie! Ah, I love long weekends!

This post brought up a couple questions, and¬†I’d really love to hear from you:

  • How do you like to spend your long weekends? Do you prefer to get away, or spend your time at home?
  • Do you ever disallow access to a room or space you’ve cleaned just to keep it that way for awhile longer?
  • Are you a hoarder? How easy or hard is it for you to let go of ‘really good stuff’?

I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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