Wrapping Up February

February came and went so fast, I don’t think I accomplished half of what I had hoped for.

28 days is surprisingly quick when you are trying to ‘get enough time to get enough done’ but was a surprisingly long time when you’re trying to come up with three unique things you love about yourself every single day.

So how did I go with my goals and challenges?

The Theme for February was Efficiency, but I didn’t really put any thought or effort into this theme this month. It might have been better if I had built my challenge around this theme instead. For example, Diana from The Chic Life is doing a Time Management Challenge (a series of tasks she has set for herself) and perhaps something like that would have kept me behaving more efficiently?

Friends and Family: Organise something awesome for Mat’s 40th birthday! Yes I did! πŸ™‚

Fitness: a fairly intensive workout schedule focusing on fitness classes and adding the Big 5 on Wednesday mornings. Well, I have done the Big 5 once. And have skipped most Friday morning workouts, and several Thursday evening workouts. Hmm.. pass or fail? I think I have taught enough fitness classes, attended enough classes, and kept active enough to not only lose a few kilos, but to feel more toned, so I am going to pass myself. B-minus! (Am I Overestimating Exercise?)

Horses: sell the excess saddles that I have and buy a new better fitting one for TK. One ride per week. I haven’t sold my saddles. I haven’t even posted them for sale. But I did take their photos and had a saddle fitting session with Chris. Lessons got moved around too much by work schedules and unexpected trips. I haven’t ridden all month. Massive FAIL! Why do I have horses again?

Sustainability: donate $50 to an organisation that is working to prevent deforestation.Β  Now’s about the moment I ask myself: “what the hell have you been doing all month!?” No, I haven’t donated. I found all those great causes, but haven’t passed along the money. I better go do that, eh?

Challenge: The Love Yourself Challenge! Write three things you love about yourself every day for a month, with no repeats! I made it more than halfway through the month – 17 days, but got bored with it. I love myself, and I know it. I had better things to do. I’m definitely not romantic!

Lifestyle: Save $100 for Christmas. Yes, done.

Tidbits: focus on the positive. Not always successful, but trying! πŸ™‚ Better than I had been. However, I have started swearing like a sailor again! Bah! I think we will be revisiting both these ideas in March…

I also decided to go Vegetarian. And I’ve done okay at that. I’ve eaten meat and fish when served by others, and have prepared a few things with meat and fish from stock I have in the freezer, but have not purchased anything meat-based since 7th Feb. That’s pretty awesome, I reckon! πŸ˜€ Since my vegetarianism is about non-participation in the ‘mechanisation’ of food production (particularly related to fish and meat products) and I don’t actually object to meat (some animals *are* food), I’m not too strict with this when out for dinner, but really haven’t missed meat much at all. I have a whole post rattling around in my head… maybe I’ll get it published this weekend?

So, I guess I wasn’t as successful as I had hoped, but other than the horse riding, I feel pretty good about what I have accomplished, and don’t feel terribly guilty for anything I didn’t accomplish.

Although I’m off to give the Rainforest Rescue $50! πŸ™‚


One response to “Wrapping Up February

  1. Thanks for stopping to comment on my blog–it’s nice to know that I don’t have the only “orally focussed” horse in the world!

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