So much to do, so little time

It’s funny how time can go so slow and so fast all at once. I’ve been aching for my trip to come, time was moving so slowly for so long. And now, suddenly, I am feeling a massive time crunch. Of course, time flies when you’re busy, and we have been busy!

We’ve had a very busy week, with some wonky hours, and extra shifts at work, followed by a very hot, and moderately relaxing weekend away to see Mat’s parents before we leave. I think I came back more tired, actually! Driving for three hours in 36+ heat with no air conditioning is NOT very relaxing! But I won’t get into petty complaints today! 🙂

We are back now, there are 17 sleeps until we leave, I have $20 to get me through to Thursday and I have a list as long as my arm of things to accomplish in these next 17 days.

But it’s not all doom and gloom! There are a few good – maybe even great – things to report:

  1. We have a new full-time employee, and she’s going to take a huge load off me, so I think I might actually be able to get my work done more effectively now! I hate it when I get asked “where are we at with this?” and I have to answer “I don’t know.” I’ve been doing that too much lately.
  2. I have a house/horse/cat-sitter organised and only need to get a few details finalised with her!
  3. This weekend is a long weekend, and I am not working, I am just organising for the trip, cleaning the house and setting  up the spare room.

So, all things point to accomplishing all my tasks and getting away clean!

Yay! I’m coming home!


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