Deforestation Articles and Action

One of my goals for February is to donate $50 to an anti-deforestation cause. The following articles offered a little more incentive to get going!

Anyway, so I started searching for a suitable organisation, and there’s a lot going on out there! Wickepedia is a great starting point, and it got me to the Arbour Day Foundation (the largest and oldest ‘tree hugging’ group in the world).

But there are heaps of other fabulous organisations doing great work out there, for example, the group Rainforest Rescue (which has an Australian branch as well) and while in the process of trying to find out the percentage of funds actually spent on mission targets (as opposed to adminstration costs) I found all these other great links!

 Now, given such a plethora of choice, how does one choose where to spend their money? Part of me is torn between local efforts (Australian rainforest) and Amazon Rainforest protection. So much of South America has been pillaged, and the rainforests there are so important! Granted, my $50 won’t do much, maybe plant 10 trees or so, but it’d be a start! I wonder where it would make the biggest impact?

I’d like to donate to the WWF to save some turtles (maybe next month), but I hear WWFs admin costs are out of this world! But where do I actually find that information out? So far I haven’t been able to find finance distribution data for the Rainforest Alliance or WWF, though I am certain it’s out there; but as I found it hard to get this data, I got frustrated and gave up looking.

I’m taking suggestions for further action and/or information! 🙂


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