Mat is turning the big 4-0 this year. But not for a few more weeks. So, of course, it was a big surprise to him when we organised for him to turn 40 on a Wednesday several weeks too soon!

One of Mat’s best friends of all time, Drew, who currently lives across the country, was coming over to WA for a visit, so we took advantage and decided that we should get some of Mat’s best friends together for an evening out. It was a great chance to celebrate his (nearly) 40 years, and a better chance for some old friends to get together for a long-overdue visit.

Mat knew we were going to Bunbury to see Drew and family. And he was surprised, yet still unsuspecting, when his brother, brother’s girlfriend, and other good mate all rocked up at Darin’s house. “Oh, just passing through, thought we’d stop in for a visit” worked a treat when Mat asked “What are you guys doing here!?”

We went out for dinner at the Parade Hotel on the estuary in Bunbury. Really nice spot, with a great view of the water. We had balloons and a cake organised (Robyn is a champion!), and it was quite funny, because Mat still hadn’t realised all this was for his birthday until he read one of the balloons that said “Happy 40th Birthday.” Suddenly he pipes up: “Hey, I’m not 40 yet!!”


He was pretty shocked. And I think he started to like the idea of getting together with his friends for his birthday, and made plans to go fishing and possibly surfing on his birthday weekend.

There were 4 young kids in our party, all having a bit too much fun (overtired!), so the mums and kids called it quits at about 8:30pm, and brother, girlfriend and mate had to head back home. They had a good hour drive and work the next morning.

The four of us that were left went to the cinema, first just for the boys to play racing car video games, but we ended up grabbing tickets to see “Faster” with Dwayne Johnson. It was an okay movie. It entertained, but missed the mark in a few ways. But I digress…

We got home just after 11pm and I crashed and burned. Mat and Drew and Darin stayed outside (it was a beautiful night) and visited until the wee hours. Well, not too wee… there were kids in the house who would be up with the sparrows, and work the next day, and school to get to.

So, the next day after the kids were up, the grown ups off to work, and Drew and family off to their next destination, Mat and I headed to Nells for lunch, watched a movie (I fell asleep on the couch) and then watched a little “Holmes Inspection.” Suddenly, Nell is asking if we’d like some dinner, too? Oh jeez! Look at the time!

We could have left then, but Mat wasn’t ready for the mid-week-weekend to be over just yet. It was 8:30pm before we left, and we had to travel pretty slow to avoid kangaroos. I probably slept more than I was awake on the way home. I struggle to stay awake as a passenger at the best of times, but in the dark after a few late nights and early mornings, I’m even worse! Poor Mat drove us home on less sleep than I had, but never complained once. He’s amazing.

Home at 11:30ish, Mat fed the horses (he’s SO AWESOME!) and we died in bed!

When asked what the best part of his mid-week-weekend-surprise-birthday-party was, he replied, “All of it!”


(P.S. I’ll add photos to this when the computer stops complaining.)


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