Going Vegetarian to Save the Planet

Last night, something happened.

Mat and I were watching ABCs documentary called South Pacific. A brilliant series, about the South Pacific Islands and its wildlife, well worth watching, again and again!

Last night was the final episode, “Fragile Paradise,” and it just hit me so hard! (Watch it here on iView) 

I know over-fishing is a problem. I know I should eat Marine Stewardship Council approved fish. But I can’t get it here anymore, so I slipped into being complacent, and just tried to eat the fish types I remember being ‘not too threatened’ by over-fishing. And tuna, I eat heaps of tinned tuna, with no MSC approval, and no certainty knowledge about fishing methods. So watching those netting vessels destroy schools of fish – and anything else that might be swimming by – sharks, turtles, you name it, using methods that actually diminish the quality of the meat and make the animals suffer… Well, that was it for me and fish. It just did me in.

Funny, most people don’t like the idea of eating “cute fuzzy animals.” But for me, it was the fish. The oceans, the whales, the turtles (oh how I cry for turtles).  The ocean is dying in so many ways and supports so many people. It matters more than the land in more ways than I can think of. And we’re destroying it with the plastic ocean, we’re eating it, fishing it, hunting it, spilling it, and ravaging it because we just can’t see it, so it doesn’t seem to matter.

Anyway, as for vegetarianism, it’s a big mind-shift for me, so I won’t go ‘cold turkey’ as it were – I will finish the meat and fish in our freezer, which is mostly organic free-range stuff, and then that’s it. It just won’t get purchased anymore. If I happen to be eating at a farmer’s and they serve up some lamb they slaughtered themselves, I might just partake. But otherwise, I don’t want to eat meat ‘manufactured’ in a killing house anymore. It’s just too terrible to think of.

I know how very little impact reducing the amount of meat we already eat will make in the grand scheme of things. We eat meat or fish about once or twice a week. But if we bring that down to once a month and soon not at all, then maybe, just maybe, I will be contributing to the change of direction in the fishing crisis, our failing oceans, our beleaguered planet. Maybe I won’t be so thoughtless as to the conditions under which my food is raised, herded, handled, and killed. Maybe I can share that with others, too?

Because now I know, and now it matters. And it matters a lot.

If this information impacted you, or you want to help, please sign Greenpeace’s petition to create more marine sanctuaries. I have signed and will make efforts to support the Pacific Island nations in their quest to make the international waters between their nations a marine sanctuary. Refer to Greenpeace’s article here and sign their petition!


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