Loving the New Fitness Routine

So far I’ve only done a few days of my new routine, but am loving the results. 

Wednesday morning I did the Big 5, followed by Balance that evening. It was a nice stretch out and I felt really powerful during Balance, actually. I am sure it was because I was working through fatigued shoulder chest and back muscles from the morning’s workout.

Thursday was a quiet morning, but ended with a very vigorous Attack class. Kobie did such a good job at that class. She’s a great instructor and really showed off her confidence with the choreography, despite having only taught this routine twice and being sick for several weeks, so not much training for her! I had a few minutes of ankle pain, and had to back off to marching rather than jogging at one point, but the problem worked itself out. I guess I just needed to warm up the muscles and tendons. I’ve had a lot less ankle pain the last few days! 🙂

I was really zonked on Thursday night after Attack. Had a shower and lasted another semi-conscious hour on the couch before dragging myself to bed. And then I couldn’t sleep right. My brain was wired! I did sleep, but didn’t wake up feeling very rested. I was anxious, also, that I might miss my 5:15am alarm.

I had to work the front counter for the very first Friday morning Body Step class and make sure all was right and ready for Ashlee. Then I did Step. It was my first ever real step class! Now, I have taught Box Fit , which includes a step and boxing moves, but we’re talking basic stuff: basic, straddle, squats, lunges, step knee, step kick. Yeah, that’s my creativitiy tapped for step class. So this was a real eye-opener. And it was FUN! I can see why people are step addicts! It is mentally challenging and you feel so awesome when you get a complex bit of choreography nailed! There were a few moves I wasn’t ready for, but hey, it was my first time!

And what a good instructor Ashlee is! Her second ever whole class, and she had great visual contact with her participants, gave awesome feedback and adapted the workout to suit the abilities of the class – and 98% of the participants are new to step. She dumbed it down and built it up beautifully! And, I had no ankle pain at all! Woohoo!

Anyway, Friday afternoon I taught Aqua Gold and we had a fun time. I tried adapting a few of the moves from Step to water, and we had a few laughs as a result. I love my Goldies, they just want to get in the water and have fun!

And they are getting so much stronger that I am bringing in some of the moves from my Intense class! They may not ‘create a washing maching’ or ‘churn the water’ quite as strongly as my Intense girls, but most of them are in their 70s! And they handle the workout so well! I’d love to be able to do some sort of testing to show the adaptation response in my senior participants. Their endurance, stamina, and strength, even their speed and flexibility show signs of marked improvement in the vast majority of participants. But I digress… perhaps this warrants its own post!?

Anyway, Saturday my only complaint is sore calves, which is totally to be expected. Attack, Step and Aqua all get you up on your toes. Lots of calf stretches are in my future!

I was concerned that these back-to-back classes would pose a bit of a challenge for me, becuase I have done so little the last few months, but I am really happy with how I feel! The energy is there, the body is happily responding to the exercise, my injury is abating, and I feel SO much better! I don’t think it’ll be long before I’m running again, too! 🙂


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