Silly Things Instructors Say

I say some silly things when I’m teaching. Mostly I get my lefts and rights mixed up and have half the class mirroring me and the other half trying to do what I said with the opposite hand. Yeah, that’s an oops! ūüôā

Sometimes I can get tongue-tied and just end up murmuring things like, “Don’t listen to me, I’m just the instructor!”

I’ve found there’s a few things I tend to say all the time and I know that lots of other instructors say some of these things too! I don’t remember getting this information put in my head at training and yet these things just come out all¬†too naturally.¬†For example:

  • Push up to down dog (Is it just me or is does that sound weird?)
  • Raise your hand if you’re having fun (of course, said when they are in a hand raised position)
  • Can I see a smile? (during the hardest part of the workout)
  • Almost there! (and then there’s a zillion more of that impossibly hard move to do!)
  • Can you feel it? (I know I’m just trying to confirm that they are in the right position, but surely if you’ve cued it well, they can feel it!)

As a participant, do those expressions make you smile and keep you going or do they do the opposite for you?

Have you got any favourites that you say all the time, or hear all the time? Or maybe one that just sticks out in your mind?


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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