Posting Drought

Not for want of materials – I certainly have plenty to say! – but for want of time.

You see, I’ve decided to blog in my own time, and not while Mat is around. It seems highly anti-social. But as a result, I have maybe an hour a day, in the early morning, assuming I get up. Compound that with my technical issues and posting has been a bit of a challenge. I realise it’s only been a few days, but it sure feels like more!

Here in Oz, school is about to start up for the year. Tomorrow is the start of Term 1 and our programming at the rec centre aligns with the school term. Our Term 1 programs are ambitious to stay the least! And right when we’ve become most challenged with staff! We will do it – we always do – but in the meantime, there’s a lot of hard work and extra effort required from everyone!

Cours de Fitness à Bourgoin ... |
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We’ve added five new fitness classes to the schedule, and it’s the beginning of the transition between basketball and netball, and between cricket and football, which all officially happen at the end of March. These transition periods, as people start their pre-season training, mean more set up and pack up than usual, changing stages, stereos, backboards, extra cleaning, and so on, and more stress on court and room availability. We’ll be kept on our toes!

We’re working on building and maintaining strong participation in our fitness classes, and I have a whole post tumbling around in my mind about getting the marketing and promotion right for these classes. The Shire, who pays our bills, will only support a program that is making money. Therefore, a class with 5 or less participants for three weeks in a row will be cut from the schedule. In a community as small as we are, with the population as varried as ours is, it is a challenge to keep the class numbers as high as we would like. And with changing trends, it’s hard to keep the population happy and excited with the ‘same old programs.’ Ah, but more about that later.

I have a whole lot of new goals, or a fresh rehash of some of the January goals, for February, including a fairly ambitious workout schedule, including the Body by Science workout. I haven’t chosen a challenge yet. I looked into gluten-free, but it would be completely cost-prohibitive here. There simply aren’t enough options in the shops, and I don’t know enough about the eating methods to do this effectively yet. I do want to try this one day though, but need a little more time. I thought about walking/riding to work, but logistically this is difficult when I have to get the dog to the sitters, and move from the rec centre to the pool, which are across town from one another, and travel in the dark on my night shifts. It is doable, but I think I will do this one after Aqua is over. I suggested No TV, and Mat looked at me with despair. Cricket’s on, you see. 🙂 So, I’m stuck for a challenge just now, but eventually I am sure one will come to me.

Must run, my hour’s up, and the animals are all making it known that I starve them! Poor deprived babies! 🙂

Any Challenge suggestions for me?


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