February Goals

Theme for February: Efficiency

Friends and Family: Organise something awesome for Mat’s 40th birthday!

Fitness: a fairly intensive workout schedule focusing on fitness classes and adding the Big 5 on Wednesday mornings. I will post a workout schedule shortly and update this post when it lets me.

Workout Schedule

Horses: sell the excess saddles that I have and buy a new better fitting one for TK. Since four rides a week was over-reaching, I’ve decided to bring that down to one ride per week. I think if I take the pressure off it’ll stop being a job and start being a fun thing to look forward to again!

Sustainability: donate $50 to an organisation that is working to prevent deforestation. It’s not much, but it’s an amount I can set aside this month.

Challenge: The Love Yourself Challenge! Write three things you love about yourself every day for a month, with no repeats!

Lifestyle: Save $100 for Christmas. This might actually be a bit of a pinch this month, but if I watch the spending at the grocery store, and stick with some of my more basic meals, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Tidbits: rather than trying to complain less, I am going to try to focus on the positive.

There you go, fairly short and sweet. A few things that will still be challenging, but putting a few more things in reach.

Got any goals for the month? Are you participating in a challenge?


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