Egyptian Athlete Jihan El Midnay

Check out this cool post:

Egyptian athlete Jihan El Midnay.

What an awesome young lady. Not only did she complete a Modern Pentathalon, but she did it during the month of Ramadan – Muslim fasting – and maintained her fast! For those who don’t know, during Ramadan, NOTHING passes the lips from before sunrise to sunset – not even water. Quite a feat!

And what a crazy sport. Maybe it’s just that I have a soft spot for 5 leg competitions? For more information on the Modern Pentathalon, click here. But basically, athletes do the following:

  • Pistol Shooting – for points and time
  • Fencing – against an opponent
  • Swimming – 200m freestyle in 2:30 (men) or 2:40 (women)
  • Riding – Show jumping obstacleson an unfamiliar horse drawn by lots!
  • Running –  3,000m cross-country/road course in 10 minutes for men and 11:20 seconds for women.

Wow, this sport is crazy enough, I might just want to participate! 🙂

Had you heard of this sport before? Thoughts?


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