Reviewing January’s Goals

I set a number of goals in a number of different areas for the month of January. Now that January’s been and gone, let’s see how I did.

Personal Growth: Praise more. Complain & criticize less… a greater sense of calm… stop using the f-word.
I didn’t do so good on the praise more part of this goal. Complaining has become such a habit! I did struggle with the calm as well, as planning my trip to Canada got me VERY excited, but in a good way! 🙂 I haven’t sworn as much, and I am surprised, it was easier to pull those two bad words out of my routine vocabulary than I thought!

I give myself 2/3.

Nutrition: Eat In Month Challenge…. eating 2 fruit and 5 veg each day… groceries, meal planning, and getting organised for the next day at work… eating less sugar.
I really enjoyed the Eat in Month Challenge and hope that I will continue to plan, prepare and eat as I have been. I didn’t make the 2 fruit every day, but usually had one fruit, and probably got my 5 veg most days, as alot of the meals and recipes I tried were very veg friendly! I’m not sure about the sugar. I still had treats made at home, and a teaspoon in my cuppa every morning. Probably not.

I give myself 25/30.

Fitness: Learn and nail the new Balance release… Continue to train and build strength so I can attend Pump training on the 29th & 30th January and not die.
I did learn and almost nailed the Balance release, and I was pretty happy about it. I did stop weight training though. Luckily, Pump training was cancelled, so I didn’t have to go, but that’s beside the point – I didn’t prepare for that as well as I should have. Not good enough.

I give myself 1/5.

Horses: set up a standard lesson time with Chris … Work with Nero and TK each twice a week.
Had one awesome lesson with Chris, but then she left for Vietnam for four weeks. I have not ridden Nero or TK since, and have only taken them to their dentist appointment this month. BIG FAT FAIL!

Big fat ZERO/16

Travel: Contact travel agent and begin sorting out dates, flights and prices for our trip to Canada in March.
Done! Done done done! 47 days and counting! 🙂


Renovations: make the back yard less snake-friendly, … taking some rubbish to the tip, whipper-snipping the verge, and moving some stuff that we need to store locations further from the house… front deck structure … large garden shed erected
Listen to the sound of my “I told you so.” No deck, no shed, no tip run, no whipper snipping (the horses did lend a great helping hand though), and no storage problems solved.


Garden: turn in and mulch the three remaining beds that are still overgrown with weeds and put compost into three good beds. Figure out what will grow at this time of year and plant it.
We only have two beds to go, and Mat did bring home some soil to help build the beds. I’ve started a few punnets of artichokes and a few other things, which are developing nicely and near to ready to pot out. Gardens are always slow and a work in progress. Ours is developing nicely.


Family: make a trip to Margaret River to see Mat’s Mom and Dad, since we didn’t get to see them this Christmas.
Done. It was a really nice trip, good weather, nice visit.


Finances: save $100 towards Christmas 2011, get taxes done, and start putting together a plan for financing our trip to Canada.
Christmas savings done, taxes not done, finance for trip done (and already mostly spent!)


Overall: 34/68

What do you think? Am I being too hard on myself? Is 50% okay? Did I set too many ambitious goals?


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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