Am I a Foodie Now?

This week I made a few new recipes! We had a great food week, actually.

Yummy Not-Nutella!Sunday I made 4 Ingredient Dark Chocolate Almond Butter. It was delicious but there were a few problems with producing the lovely mix. First of all, it killed my food processor. It was old and probably due to die, but I just got the nuts broken up to releasing their oils after 20 minutes and could have gone longer, but then death to the food processor. So I finished it off in the blender. There were so many dishes at the end of this recipe! Thank goodness it tasted good or it would have hardly been worthwhile 🙂

A note if you’re going to make this (and I highly recommend it) – don’t get excited about melting the chocolate. It only takes a minute, and you need to grind those nuts for AGES. This also makes plenty. I put it in a 250mL jar and ran out of room, so put it in a larger container. It’s a nice result. I’m not a food blogger by any stretch, but did take a picture of my finished product, just because I was so darn pleased with it!

We also made Southwest Quinoa Veggie Burger and they were awesome! I had a few challenges with making this. As mentioned earlier, I killed my food processor. So I did it in my blender, and mixed the rest by hand. It was a bit untidy, and one of those hand-held wand blender thingies would probably be very useful for the mixing up part of this recipe. I realised after the fact that I hadn’t cooked the quinoa correctly, which is why it was so wet when it came off the stove (it was to simmer for 15 and rest for 5, not the other way around. Oops!) I also put the quinoa into the mix while still warm, and probably should have let it cool a bit longer. Anyway, these were really yummy! I made 6 larger burgers and three small sausages to put into wraps. This mix fed Mat and I right through to Wednesday, and I didn’t get tired of it. I had it as a burger, with a salad, in a wrap, and on its own with melted cheese over top. Very yummy and versatile!

Another gooder from The Chic Life, Green Monster Muffins. I just put all the wet ingredients in the blender and gave it a whiz. I even made my own apple sauce (why buy applesauce?). I peeled and grated two small apples and whizzed them with the spinach. I probably will add a third apple next time, as they were slightly dry, but really yum! A subtle sweetness and easy to make. This will go on the make and make again list! I think it’ll be my Seniors Afternoon Tea treat next week, in fact!

Mat made a ‘leftovers’ Leek and Potato soup on Wednesday, it was delicious and even better the next day!

It was a special occasion on Wednesday, it was Australia Day! And while most others were having a barbeque, we made Spinach and Tomato Stuffed Chicken Breasts with steamed veg and boiled potatoes. They chicken was nice, but a bit dry. I think I’ll try making it in a covered roasting pan next time to trap some of the moisture. I also used fresh spinach, about half a bag of baby leaves, and would love to have double the amount next time. Seriously, I love baby spinach. I went through two bags this week, and could have used a third if it were avaialble!

The only thing I haven’t gotten to this week yet is the Balsalmic Roast Chick Peas. I am looking forward to a nice healthy snack. I hope they’re good. I am sure they’ll be great. So far everything from The Chic Life has been awesome! I’ll let you know how they turn out 🙂

Any great successes or failures in the kitchen for you recently?


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