Workout Wrap Up

This week hasn’t been great for working out. Sadly that ankle pain I had on my Thursday run has persisted. Even just a little jog down the hall to get to the phone has left me ooching and ouching.

The good news, though, is that Balance doesn’t hurt my ankle. Anything non-impact is just fine.  However, doing Aqua Intense was really uncomfortable last night! Once I warmed up a bit I was able to do a little light jogging on the spot, but any side-to-side movement was really bad. 😦 I have been stretching my IT band in as many ways as I can think of, doing PNF stretches with the ankle and foot. It feels great to stretch it out, and it all seems fine and dandy when I’m done, but is still tight every morning when I get up. I suppose it’s not that bad, it hasn’t even been a week and it barely limits me, but I am a big sook and hate to have an injury!

I have taught a few extra classes this week due to instructors being away and/or sick. I did a Pump circuit on Monday night, and an Attack circuit last Thursday and will again this coming Thursday.  But I also missed a Balance last week due to being sick and this week Wednesday is Australia Day and therefore a public holiday. That’s only one Balance a week, and it really isn’t enough! I miss my Balance classes when I don’t run them!

In just a few days I’ll be heading to Perth for my Pump training. I’m really nervous and trying not to think of two days of phsyical torture! Followed by a week of training. Followed by one more day of torture. Hopefully I am cleared to instruct at the end of it all! And hopefully I’ll still be able to walk too! 🙂 It’ll be good to do the training and start doing Pump. I definitely need to add weight training to my routine, and I really feel like I need to be doing more to keep myself in shape. It’d be heaps of fun to get my Attack or Step training done, too. I really enjoy the energy of those classes. Also, with the training I’d be able to sub in and teach a class, and people would be more likely to show up for class if they knew they were getting ‘their class’ rather than a circuit (for example, we had 20 to Attack the week before, but only 9 when I subbed in and did the circuit). But ah well… it’ll do for the time being, at least they’re getting a class! I also want to get my Zumba and Vive training. But those will probably have to hold off, as I still my Personal Training certification to complete!

I’ll look at getting all of those things started once we’re back from Canada! No use worrying about it now!

Just curious, are you a complainer when you have an injury? Or do you prefer to grit your teeth and get through it quietly?


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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