Travel Plans

I love travelling, and I like planning, and yet, sometimes it can seem SO hard when there are so many factors to consider. Where will people be? How much time do we really have? What’s on our priority list? How will that fit into our budget? Can you really call what money we have saved up a “budget”? 😉

I spent several hours this morning online with family members and friends trying to work out an itinerary for our trip to Canada and exploring the price of domestic flights. Found some good seat sales, but I am wondering if two hours is enough time to get through customs and onto the domestic flight. I think two is the minimum, isn’t it?

So, this is what we’ve gotten so far:

  • Arrive in Canada on 18th, and hopefully into Ottawa that night.
  • Crash and die on 19th
  • Go into work with my sister on 20th (her birthday) and get hair done, manicure and pedicure, and trip around Carelton Place for the afternoon. Celebrate her birthday that evening. Assume that Mat is going to be still unconscious and recovering, based upon his last trip into Canada. He got really sick and jet lagged last time and took about three days to recover.
  • See things. Niagra falls, museums, Parliment House, Montreal, Quebec City, and generally just trip around at our leisure.
  • Go to Halifax for a few days. We will either fly or drive, and most likely leave Ottawa on 31st March and return to Ottawa on about 4th/5th April. Part of me wants to drive so we can see all the in-between bits. The other part thinks, “Man, I don’t want to live in a car!” Luckily, my sister is going to loan us her car for the week if we want it and fuel might be cheaper than flights. More calculations to do!
  • Fly to Edmonton on approx 7th April. My (step) dad leaves for Afghanistan on 11th, so want to get a few days at home with Mom and him for sure before he leaves.

We are kind of stalled at that point. We leave Vancouver on 27th April and get back to Oz on the 29th and between 7th and 27th we need to see:

  • Friends and family in Edmonton
  • Friends and family in Calgary, which is an easy three hour drive, so no biggie.
  • Family in Brooks and southern Alberta – can probably get some from south to travel up to Brooks to save us a bit of drive time
  • Family and friends all over Saskatchewan, right from the far north east corner, down to the south-central. But the priority here is Grandma and Grandpa. Other people may have to travel to see us in Moose Jaw if our trip doesn’t take us through their town. We can look into flights from Edmonton to Saskatoon and Saskatoon to Regina, but I think driving really is going to be easier in the long-run.
  • Friends and family in BC. I am not sure if we will get to see my uncle D’Arcy, unless I can talk my cousin into travelling to get him and bringing him to Calgary for a weekend or something. D’Arcy is a bit off the beaten path and we will probably fly over BC straight into Vancouver, totally bypassing him. I also need to contact my friends Deb and Jim to see if they will have time to catch up, and if so, we’ll fly into Van on 25th or 26th or so and spend a few nights with them.

And I still want to make sure I have lots of time with Mom and the boys, and not spend the whole last three weeks away from her or what a waste that will be! Mom will be at work during the week, but only for school hours. So evenings and weekends with Mom, other than the week of tripping to other family members. Darn, that leaves only two weeks with her, really… We so need 6 months and a winning lotto ticket! 🙂

We also need to work out if we can we get a house/cat/horse sitter for the 6 weeks we’re away. We have a few people in mind, but no confirmation yet. There’s one young lady I’d really like to have do it, because she’s a great horse-person and would take great care of my boys, but she’s in Vietnam on vacation for another three weeks. I will talk with a few others in the meantime. The alternative is to take TK and Nero to Mat’s Mum and Dad’s, but then Chris can’t borrow TK if she needs him for an upcoming clinic (her mare is pregnant and can’t be used).

So, still plenty of planning to do, but there is a rough idea of our trip.

Wow! Start the countdown!


One response to “Travel Plans

  1. Hey,

    Let me know if you want to visit when you are going to be in QUebec city. If you tell me ahead of time, I will take the day off.

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