Things That Matter To Me

As you know, I’ve felt a little fuzzy around the edges after having been so singularly focused and driven the last year. This year has seemed scattered by comparison. So, last night I had a little think about what matters to me right now. I was looking back through my goals book, and found it very interesting how narrow my focus was through 2008 to 2010. Generally my areas of focus included friends & family, horses, Blackwood, and my home (home rennos have been a #3 goal on my list for each of those years!). My horizons have broadened, it seems. Right now, the main areas of my life are:

Family & Friends


  • instructing group fitness
  • Personal Training (completing certification)
  • Wellness Coaching
  • training for events


  • riding lessons
  • competitions (well, the *potential* to be competitive, anyway!)
  • health
  • and other animals kinda go here too


  • enviroment
  • globesity
  • consumerism
  • simplicity

Goal Setting

  • organisation
  • habits
  • challenges
  • motivation and inspiration

Lifestyle / Domesticity (I really didn’t know how to label this one)

  • food & cooking
  • home & renovations
  • gardening
  • simplicity could also tie in here

Hobbies and other Tidbits

  • reading
  • movies
  • quotes
  • blogging
  • and all those other little things that I like to spend time on

And I also decided that running isn’t working for me right now, so I’m taking time off, and will start from zero when the inspiration really takes me. Right now I’d rather be a better instructor and get more training than injure myself because I’m running only once a week because I set a goal that I’m no longer inspired to complete. What a relief!

Anyway, I imagine my posts will be focused around these topics in the future, and although there’s no single theme that’s taken priority as yet, none of these seem mutually exclusive to me. They all go hand-in-hand to make my life seem full and rich and connected!

What matters most to you?


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