Who’s Up For Taking Time Off? (via Inperspire)

I could probably use this ‘time off’ idea.

I have been trying to limit my personal online time to 30-60 minutes in the morning, but I’ve still been coming online after work and can spend a LOT of time online on the weekends, especially if Mat’s at work and I’m not fully occupied. Maybe if I spent less time online, I’d find myself spending more time doing and being and thinking.

You think? ūüôā

Check out the Sabbath Maifesto home page here: http://www.sabbathmanifesto.org/

Who's Up For Taking Time Off? In my daily Communication Arts¬†newsletter there was a great column entitled "Dave. Stop. Will You?" written¬†by Ernie Schenck.¬† The article is about¬†the "art" of disconnecting from technology and in the article Schenck refers to the Sabbath Manifesto¬†– a movement to unplug once a week (there is also a national unplug day in March).¬†¬† I was curious about the Sabbath Manifesto and so I made my way to the site.¬† I liked what I saw.¬† Unplugging from t … Read More

via Inperspire


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