Organising Recipes

With all this cooking going on, I’ve been into my recipe box more than I think I have been in the last 12 months!  So much so that I’m actually exploring the idea of re-organising my recipes.

I have several cook books, and a box with recipe cards in it, filed alphabetically. But I’ve been considering getting a second box and splitting them into two categories: meals and treats. (Right now I probably have a lot more ‘treats’ recipes than anything else. 🙂 mmm … forbidden donut…)

Anyway, I was also considering how I file the recipes away. Alphabetical is always a sound idea because then you can always find the recipe if you know the name of it. But I was also thinking that just having them in there randomly, so you could pull out the front card, know you haven’t made it in awhile, and when it’s done, set it at the back of the box. Kind of like playing Trival Pursuit with recipes!

And I was wondering about my cookbooks. I like cookbooks, and I’d have many more, especially if I continue to develop these strange kitchen habits! But if I have the box as my go-to system, then I might not use the books as much. Maybe I could just put the name of a recipe and refer to the cookbook and page number? Saves writing it out! Or leave it as is, and flip through the cook books when I need a little inspiration?

How do you organise your recipes? Or do you not need recipes at all, and it’s all in your head?


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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