Two classes and a run

Monday 10th January really marks the beginning of being back to work for real for me, because I had to start teaching classes again Monday was Aqua Gold and Balance – and launch a new Balance routine to boot!

Perhaps you’ve been waiting with baited breath to find out how my Balance launch went?

Perhaps not. 😉

Anyway, it went really well! I was nervous, as I always am when I have to do the whole thing brand new, and I was quiverring through the first two tracks. My timing was off, but I faked it well enough to not go “Ooops!” For one of the first times ever, I didn’t say “Oops!” or let on when things weren’t perfect! YAY! Go me!

I had 12 people to class (yay!) and I guess I should confess, I had another instructor in the front row who had been teaching this release since the end of November, so I was sort of shadowing her… look up.. yup, in the right place! 🙂 But I didn’t follow her! No, I was teaching, I was LOOKING at my participants, and I was coaching and cueing and getting it all out there. I stumbled on my words from time-to-time, trying to get out too much information all at once, but hey, it happens! The good news is that I had 12 people come to class and they all loved it and are all coming back.

Tuesday was Seniors Gym, with one new participant, and then back to the pool with Aqua Intense. I had 9 for AI, and the great news is that one friend who has been talking about coming since October FINALLY came and loved it so much she was asking why we only do it once a week. Hey, if we could squeeze it all in, you bet your bottom dollar there’d be an extra class!

Anyway, I couldn’t believe how HARD it was. I forgot most of the choreography and was making lots of stuff up, and checking my notes all the time. But everyone got a workout and had fun, and I got a workout too! Hello body! Remember this exercise thing!? hehehe

I love my Aqua classes because they are really free and fun and playful! It doesn’t matter if I make a mistake, as long as everyone enjoys themselves and gets a workout.

This morning I got up (not early enough) and went for a 5km run. It wasn’t too hot when I left, but by 9am I was really wishing I had worn my visor, the sun was starting to bite. Anyway, I was cruising along pretty well, with all the typical run stuff going on: annoying barking dogs, freaky creepy neighbour wandering aimlessly, and working out the typical kinks. I was right on my 6 minute km right up to 4k’s and then I started to struggle. I did push it and keep the pace going, but it wasn’t cruisy anymore. Not like 5ks used to be. Ah, I remember when 5ks was a maintenance run, and now they are a training run. It’s hard work, it’s a challenge, and I had to push to keep my run at sub-30 minutes.

I suppose that’s alright, there were a few factors to consider when evaluating the challenge of this run.

  1. I haven’t run 5km since 10th December 2010 (that’s more than a month!)
  2. I was running with my hydration belt, and that took a few slow downs to adjust and reorganise for comfort.
  3. I was running with my ipod, which I rarely do, and once again, I was fiddling with everything to get it settled right. I ended up having to wear it in my bra (I don’t have a holder) and I was afraid it was going to fall out of the pocket on my hydration belt.

I don’t normally run with music. One of the reasons is that I haven’t had ear buds for awhile, they always break and crackle and will only play music in one ear… very annoying. But I bought new ones and thought I’d go out for a musical spin. I also like to let my mind ruminate as I run, I find I am quite creative and can do some good problem solving. Perhaps running is my meditation, my way of cutting though the chatter?

But running with music is fun, too. You can tune it out if you want to, you have a beat to drive you when your pace is waning, and I was delighted by some of the pictures in my head that came with some of the songs. For example, “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” by the Scizzor Sisters – and I saw young Tabitha and her group of tiny dancers doing a routine at the Katanning Show. It was years ago, but perfectly adorable, and is permanently attached to that song!

And “Extreme Ways” by Moby… not only did I have the whole back-track routine in my head still from a long ago Balance release, but images from the Bourne movies. Great movies, and I really like Matt Damon, so these were good images! 🙂

Do you know “The Song Remembers When” by Trisha Yearwood? It’s a country balad, with really lovely lyrics. This song always touches me, and reminds me of all these other songs that have memories attached. The music we hear and love really is the soundtrack to our own lives.

What songs touch you? What have some of the best associations or pictures? Or do you not see pictures and get feelings or something else instead?


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