Being a Better Blogger?

Sometimes I wish I had more followers, people who were interested in what I had to say. Then again, I don’t go terribly out of my way to get people to come to this site, because it seems a little pointless. The blog, that is. It doesn’t seem to have a focus, and most blogs have a consistent focus (even if they wander from time-to-time). It’s a foodie/runner/horsey/triathlete/simple living/eco-friendly blog. Mine seems a little random. Can I choose “All of the Above?”

This blog started as a journal, following me through my physical and psychological trials to get the Blackwood Marathon; it and I were pretty much singularly focused, and everything, even if it wandered of track a little, always came back to Blackwood. Since completing the Blackwood, blogging has remained an activity I enjoy – to journal and express things that catch my mood. But there’s no real focus, rhyme or reason to the posts except to get stuff out of my head. But sometimes I want it to be more, and I want to be a better blogger. But I’m not really sure why!

It’s something that has been pestering me lately, niggling in the back of my mind. Perhaps because as a lurker on many blogs and sites I am reminded of how much people have to offer, and I’d like to have something to offer too. We all want to feel needed, or important, or smart, or funny, or … yeah, something!

Likewise, I think I miss the focus that the Blackwood gave me and my life. I felt so much more driven and directed. I felt much more in control (except the occasional freak-outs), but I was able to always come back into FOCUS. And that’s what I’m missing now. My mind is always fluttering and never still. I can’t make my way through the streams of thoughts. Previously I was able to slice through them and keep the path, and silence, or set to the background, the other meandering thoughts. I’d like to slow the stream, as it were!

I also think this desire derives from the that idea that people need to feel understood and to belong. By having people read this site, they are sharing a part of my life that matters to me, and it makes me feel connected to people with similar interests. Social media is a weird thing – we’re far apart in a million ways, but it still connects us.

But on a scale of 1 to 10, how important is it to be a better blogger? Honestly, I can’t assess that. I’m not sure if this is an internal or external pressure and I’m not entirely sure where it fits into my life. But clearly it is something I want to continue to do.

In order to improve the blog and potential readership I realise there would have to be things I do:

  • Give the blog a focus and a purpose.
  • Define for myself what I want to give and get out of it.
  • Use more photos.
  • ‘Advertise’ myself by commenting, re-blogging, and posting posts on Facebook so people know about it.
  • Manage my time better so posts aren’t as random as paint splatter.

I’m sure there’s more, but I think that’s where I’d start.

Do you have any thoughts? Ideas? Feedback? Preferred subjects? Suggestions for any of the plethora of subjects that I brought up? 🙂


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