Getting Things Done

After my previous post saying I didn’t get anything ideally productive done on Saturday morning, I did do two hours of Balance training, and even managed to talk Mat into being my guinea pig. He really helped me out! I only mucked up two tracks, Standing Strength, which was odd, since I really thought I had that one nailed a long time ago, and Forward Folds, which I knew I was a little weak on, since I’ve worked on it less than any of the others. There goes the stage of Cueing Memory Loss! 🙂 But I am Fusing on most of the tracks, so with tonights’ extra practice and any fine tuning left to do in the morning, I should be Flowing by Monday at 7:10pm! 🙂

As soon as we were done that, I hopped on TK and headed out for a nice quiet ride with M* and Chloe. I still find it interesting that TK hasn’t formed any sort of attachment to Chloe. He is so impassive. He sees her, goes “Oh wow! A horse!” and then when he gets to her, he’s like, “Oh, it’s just you,” and carries on. Really weird. But it was a nice, safe, uneventful ride. We went 14km, walked most of it, and took our sweet time, about 2 1/2 hours. Lovely! It was great to get out on him again! Must must must ride more often! It just feels so good when I do!

Today, Sunday, I’ve gone for a short run. I wanted to try to increase my speed, so was focusing on stride efficiency. I also decided to run the opposite direction around the track to see if that makes any difference to my leg stiffness. In fact it does. It must have to do with the slope of the road, and my right leg always taking a slightly shorter stride (it’s on the high side). So by going the other way, I am actually letting my right leg lengthen out completely. It felt a world better!

So, there I am running, and I got to the point where I like to check my time – am I around the 7-8 minute mark? – and I look down at my watch and see 00:00:00 !! Ack! I must not have pressed the start button! I have no idea how quick I was in the end, but at least a run was had.

I filled the middle of my day with mostly pointless stuff, but I went for a nice short swim at the pool today. It was 1pm, it was warm, I was bored, and Mat was having an afternoon nap. I needed to get out and do SOMETHING, and the swim was the answer! I only went to refresh, not train, so I only swam 300 meters, really easy, and spent the rest of my time there floating, diving to the bottom, doing handstands and sommersaults, and practicing holding my breath and seeing how far I could go underwater! It was like being a kid again! The only thing that sucked was that I didn’t have a friend to play with! So, I got bored and came home. 🙂

Now I am waiting for E* to get here and we’ll go through Balance. Then I’ll make Gado Gado with Noodles for dinner. This is one I’ve made before. It’s best eaten fresh, and this recipe makes LOTS, so make it to enjoy with friends or halve the recipe for just two of you (and you’ll still probably have leftovers!)

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend! Did you get up to anything special?


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