A Work In Progress

So, the bad news is that we didn’t make it to Perth to see the rellies off.  The good news is I had more time to do … ummm … stuff!

Some of the ways I used my time this Saturday morning:
– I browsed running blogs and subscribed to a bunch for motivation towards running my half marathon
– I chatted on Facebook
– I did the dishes
– I made Tuna Mornay for lunch (something went wrong and the sauce kind of separated… looked weird, but tasted good)
– I swept and steam-mopped the floor
– I half-organised a practice session with E* tomorrow afternoon or evening so I can see how much more work I really have to do to be ready to teach Balance to a crowd on Monday
– I half-organised a horseback ride with M* for this evening or tomorrow morning.
– I listened to the soundtrack over and thought… “hmm, I need to work on that section” but never got off my ass (thus far anyway)
– I read a bunch of stuff on time management and blogging ‘effectively’ and felt oddly guilty for the pointless use of the hours I had available to me in the morning.
– I drafted a few ideas for new blog posts, among the ideas tossing around: Focusing on Strengths, People I Admire, Bucket List, More Travel, Skills I Want to Acquire, and Being a Better Blogger (what does that mean to me anyway?)

Maybe none of these will see the light of day… I have all these thoughts in my head, but none seem to congeal into a solid “finished” idea.

I guess my blog, these posts, and my efforts to be a fitness instructor, runner, horseback rider and good friend are all just works in progress!


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