Side Effects of Eat In Month

Doing the Eat-In-Month Challenge has been really good for me!

Not only have I been organised to bring food to work, and therefore have been cooking some nice little meals, but I have also resisted all the little treats wraped in celophane or that shiny plasticy-aluminium stuff. (What is that stuff anyway?)

But the biggest side effect has been noticing how much food I actually need versus how much I want.

I always eat a healthy breakfast. I function completely sub-optimally without an adequate breakfast. Some people eat to live, I live to eat breakfast!!

And I’ve been packing sandwiches or left overs for lunch (or dinner, as the case may be), with a museli bar and/or fruche (fromage frais) and/or fruit for snacks. Looking at my level of physical activity this last while, this is more than adequate food for an 8 hour shift sitting on my butt.

But I am amazed at how much more I want! And really, I’m not wanting more because I am actually hungry or need the extra calories (I get grumpy and start to shake when I really need food) but because I am used to it. How many times have I caught myself walking by the lolly jars here, absently reaching in for a lolly I don’t really want! It’s just out of habit! Walk past, grab a pepermint leaf or a jelly bean. How many times a day did I do that before? How much extra sugar and fat does that add up to in a month?

Oh, I should weigh myself today! I forgot all about that! This should be interesting! 🙂

Other minor updates:

I have gone for two short runs this week, 1.8 and 3.6km and am really finding it challenging. Just a few weeks off and I have slowed down and am re-discovering all those familiar start-up aches and pains I had worked through by the time I got to the Blackwood Marathon. Time to exercise a little more conscious-care: mobilisations and stretching are a must! But the good news is I have not had any knee pain and I know the fitness will pick back up pretty quickly. I’m looking forward to getting back up to those longer distances where my mind and body just kind of switch onto auto-pilot.

Balance training progresses, I am mostly at the stage of Music and Movement Knowledge, but range between stages 6 & 8 on most of the tracks. I am confident I will be ready to launch Monday night!

The whole reducing swearing has been going pretty well. I did find myself muttering some profanities under my breath when the computers here just made me want to shut down and go home! That computer situation fouled my mood up pretty nicely, and then I continued to swear under my breath about every little thing that wasn’t exactly perfect. I let one thing turn a whole much of non-things into things that made me turn back into a whingeing monster. It would seem that swearing and complaining go hand in hand! Interesting!

We’ll be off to Perth tomorrow to see off the rellies, sending them back to the Great White North. We’ll come home that evening and I’ll spend Sunday packing in some final Balance training, and if I am feeling keen, a little Pump as well! I also have to refresh myself on my Aqua moves and music.

Oh, and the garden is going swimmingly! There are 7 melon plants, 3 cucumbers, 1 pumpkin, and 1 bean all sprouting, as well as a nice collection of those Asian greens popping up! And it’s only been a week! Yay! Can’t wait to start eating out of my own garden again!

Next week it’s all back to business as usual and I’ve got to be mentally prepared for it! I was kinda enjoying this holiday-mode. I’m feeling very relaxed and wouldn’t mind staying this way a little longer! There’s sure a fine line between relaxed and lazy!


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