I Heart Nachos

Fridays are a special treat for most people, because it usually marks the end of the work week and the start of the weekend. Many people mark this occasion with a few drinks with friends, or other event. Mat and I have Movies, Nachos, and Beer. Well, Mat has beer, I can’t stand the stuff, but I still get much enjoyment out of these Friday evenings.

This evening is one such night. I have rented SALT, which is good by all accounts, and have mixed up a batch of my famous nachos. Nachos are one of my go-to snack-meals. Want my secret to a good nacho? It’s not about layering, it’s all about blending!

Andrea’s Awesome Nacho Recipe:

Take one jar of Salsa or Taco Sauce or Nacho Sauce (about 300-400gram jar), a standard tin of Refried Beans, a tin of your favourite beans, and more grated cheese than you know is sensible. Mix all together in a big bowl.

If you’re a meat-eater, cook up a nice piece of meat of your choice in your preferred method of cooking. I have done this with steak, chicken, and chorizo sausages, all taste yummy, but it would do fine without any meat too.

Chop up the veggies you want to add. Capsicums (peppers) are always a good choice, corn, olives, jalepenos, but even small brocolli florets and grated carrot will work, if you really want to veg it up. Then you just have to decide if you want the veggies on top or mixed in. I tend to mix in the smaller stuff and toss the bigger stuff – or stuff people would be fussy about and want to pick out – on top.

Toss one bag of plain corn chips in the bottom of a large oven proof dish. Dollop your mix over the chips. Leave a little sauce behind, then toss on a few more chips, maybe half a bag, and then top that with the rest of your sauce.

Sprinkle the veggies and meat over the top, and if you’re really going for heart-attack status, sprinkle on more grated cheese (though there should be plenty in the sauce) and then bake at around 400F or 210C for about 15 minutes or so, until everything looks warmed through.

Serve it up in the dish you cooked it in, with sour cream and don’t forget to offer forks to get the gooey soft chips at the bottom. Yum!

I hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of your Friday night! 

Do you have any special treats or rituals?


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