Learning a New Routine

I am currently learning a new Body Balance routine, which I have to teach on Monday, and it’s already Wednesday. Hmmm … I have noticed that I go through several stages while learning a new routine. I am currently in stage 4. I hate stage 4. 🙂 Luckily it brings a quick start to 5, which is where I needed to be since stage 1! Maybe one day I’ll actually eliminate stages 1-4 all together!?

Stages of Learning a New (pre-choreographed) Routine

1) Denial: Oh yeah, no worries, gimme a few hours. She’ll be right, this one doesn’t look too bad.
2) Reality: I better put a little more effort into it. Sun Sals, Abs, Back, Twists, Standing Strength … seems a little trickier than I originally thought. I’ll schedule my training times.
3) Procrastination: I know I missed that training session, but I’ll just do a longer session tomorrow…
4) Panic: I’ll never learn this ever! How will I do this? I didn’t give myself enough time! Now I only have a week to learn this WHOLE THING! Ack!
5) Focused Effort: training, training, training, training, killing myself, training
6) Music and Movement Knowledge: I know what to do, I can hear it in the music, and it’s pretty automatic, but how do I tell others how to do this too?!
7) Cueing Memory Loss: What? Now I have to *talk* while I’m doing this? And get all the options out? And make people understand what I mean? Suddenly I have lost Music and Movement Knowledge!
8 ) Fusing: it all comes together and I can fumble it all out and get everyone there and teach it adequately.
9) Flowing: It all just happens automatically. I can finally LOOK at my participants to see how they’re doing and give them specific praise or corrections.
10) Boredom: Please, can we do something new? I am sick to death of saying the same thing over and over, and these songs are boring me! Let’s freshen up and start at #1!!

The stages for doing your own choreography are much more complex and include such stages as ‘over-analysing music selection’ and ‘it seemed like a good idea at the time’ followed often by ‘music selection regret’ or ‘great move goes bad’. Maybe I’ll take the time to post that up some day! 🙂


4 responses to “Learning a New Routine

  1. Hahahahahaha!

    Mine are like this:

    1. Try to think of new things but fail
    2. Visit YouTube and look for choregraphy
    3. Try a few things
    4. Get frustrated, put it off
    5. Get inspired one day, go back to YouTube
    6. Get out the step and put together a routine and write it down
    7. Practice it once more, including breakdowns
    8. Try it out in class
    9. Revise based on what worked and what didn’t

    I just use 34 count music, so I don’t have to pick the songs ahead of time.

    I do agree with one thing: any time there’s new choreography, I end up not looking at the participants enough because I’m so inwardly focused. (I also find this happens when I’m sick or hurt. The attention just goes inward instead of outward.)

    • Nice steps. I must overthink it! Music particularly! But I don’t do it very much. Really I only do Aqua choreography on my own, so I put together two programs – Gold and Intense – for the season and then it’s all done, but for the tweaking.

      Agreed with the inward focus! I think some of my participants get annoyed once I start looking up and offering corrections. Am I being bossy or helpful? I wonder! 🙂 But I just hate seeing someone struggle, for example, to sit in full swan when I can tell this pose is *not* for them yet! Ah well, what do you do!?

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  3. Yeah, beginners especially tend to want to do _everything_, and no amount of cueing and encouraging to take the easier posture/step/level can change it. I just try to watch out for safety issues like rounded backs and otherwise let them figure it out on their own.

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