Three Countries

Although I haven’t signed up for the WordPress blog-a-day challenge, I still thought this was a fun topic to post on.

The three countries I would most like to visit was REALLY hard to narrow down. Actually, the top two were pretty easy. The third… well, I couldn’t decide! Here’s my list!

1) Bhutan ( Mat and I watched a special on Bhutan awhile back – it is reportedly the happiest country in the world. Now who wouldn’t want to go to the happiest place in the world?! 🙂

2) Peru ( I did a report on Peru in grade 5, and I still remember thinking, “what a neat place, I have to go here one day!” So, this is easily my long-standing number two destination.

3) Everywhere else 🙂 Okay, that’s a bit of a cop-out. So, to narrow it down, I’d love to visit the Polynesian Islands and all kinds of warm places around the world. I’d love to visit Europe because of the architecture, the culture, the history, the food and the languages. I’d like to visit Africa for its variety of landscapes and peoples, America for its amazing natural wonders, the rest of Canada (the Maritimes and the Territories), and the north of Australia. New Zealand also hits high on my list of places to see.

On the topic of travel, I went to the travel agent today and started the process of booking flights to Canada in March. (YAY!)

Tickets are quite a bit more expensive than our last visit (BOO!),  but that’s because we are not just doing a direct return to a single destination. Normally we fly into and out of Edmonton. This time it’s a little different. 

If we fly direct, we are looking to fly into Ottawa, then across to Edmonton, and returning from there, so that ‘redirection’ has added a significant amount to our flights.

We also have the potential of a round-the-world ticket for not too much more than direct flights, which would allow us to stop in Switzerland to see my friend Trish, and then into Canada. We’d love to hop-skip-jump across to Halifax to see D, but don’t know if that’s going to happen yet, but we’ll definitely fly into Ottawa, and hang there for a week or two, then off to Edmonton for two weeks or more. We would return via New Zealand. That’d be a fun trip!

You know, Mat and I have often talked about taking cruises and travelling the world by ocean. I think Mat and I should learn to sail and just sail around the world, stopping wherever takes our fancy, for as long as we would like! Now, how do you learn to sail, get a long-distance sea-worthy boat, and make money while travelling to get around the world? Any advice would be most welcome! 🙂

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